The week that was…week 7: busy

2013-02-14 07.19.33

It was an extremely busy week, both work-wise and socially and pretty much hard to catch one’s breath. But I still managed one early morning ride at least. The lake in the morning is so beautiful, and I love the balloons. One day I will go up in one! Did I say I love balloons?

2013-02-15 10.10.56

One of the many things that added to the busy-ness of the week was the visit by the German Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Integration. I did a presentation for her on our approach to skills assessments for migrants, something Germany is dealing with now as they recongise the importance of skilled migration for their economic growth. That all went beautifully. The night before, I was invited to the German Embassy for a welcoming function for the Minister, and in literally my first sentence to a German I cast strong doubt on my diplomatic credentials by mentioning the War. Yes. Well, the German diplomat asked me how long my organisation had been around and I pointed out that we administered an Act which had been in place since 1946 to assist with the re-intergration of soldiers after…. well, you get the picture. No diplomatic incident was caused, though in my head I could see John Cleese goosestepping…

2013-02-15 14.20.15I finally got around to replacing the sunglasses I lost before Christmas after the combined nagging of James and Krystal my EA (I hate it when they gang up on me). Not that they weren’t right… Anyway, the downside of kerataconus is that all the larger size sunglasses won’t tolerate the curvature I need for my coke-bottle bottom lenses. Sigh. Anyway, because my insurance was paying for the replacement glasses, I could salve my disappointment by choosing some ultra expensive Chanel frames. Looking forward to delivery soon.

001Despite the busy (or perhaps part of the cause of the busy) there was D&D Wednesday night, enhanced by the use of as many portable electronic devices as possible of course.

2013-02-16 10.54.47 2013-02-16 11.16.25The weekend of non-stop action began with Fritha’s second birthday party. Happy birthday Fritha! Andrew and I were a little afraid of the birds though. You may recall my phobia about ducks.

2013-02-16 11.42.35

The other particularly fun moment of social interaction was the visit from Helen, Sean and Alice with snickerdoodles. when Helen and Sean had been minding the boys one night and watching some movie, snickerdoodles had been mentioned, so Helen promised to make them for the boys. They were very well received!



Snapshots: Imagine…


The week that was….week 6: starting again

2013-02-05 08.58.26So even though it was the beginning of the second month of the year, it felt like the start this week. The boys started back at school wioth various levels of enthusiasm.

2013-02-07 07.35.28I also went for my first two early morning rides for the year. Sebastian decided to come with me, and only slowed me down a little.

2013-02-09 10.33.47It was also the start of cricket, with Jude acquitting himself well at his first game for the year.

february 1In other new starts, we got a new dishwasher and washing machine after half the dishwasher dying last year and the washing machine starting to leak. It was a little sad to say goodbye to the old washing machine which was the first whitegood James and I ever bought together. After 16+ years though, including three babies, it had done well.

2013-02-07 22.20.19

Sebastian and Jude have started an odd new habit of buiklding themselves cubby houses to sleep in, so when I go in at night I am confronted by a pair of skinny legs sticking out from under a mound of blankets. I usually try to ensure there is some air flow into these cubbys.

2013-02-07 12.14.45There was also a chance to catch up with friends amongst the busyness of the weekend, and who can resist a frozen margharita at lunchtime? I am pretty sure it is practically non alcoholic anyway…

2013-02-06 19.47.50There was time for some Ticket to Ride Europe in the evenings.

february 7And the boys came skating on Saturday afternoon. They are all improving all the time.

february 3I wore my new R2D2 socks for training too.

2013-02-09 20.33.42One of our Noons Vintage Port bottles came to an unfortunate end – the hazard of tall-necked bottles. At least we were able to save a couple of glasses.

2013-02-10 10.38.49And we ended the week with a lovely catch up with the Prossers at the park. Happy scone time!

2013-02-10 10.43.262013-02-10 10.58.43

The week that was….week 5: last week of the holidays

january 8 january 14

A public holiday is a great way to start any week, so naturally we had a BBQ to celebrate. With many awesome foods.

january 5

january 6During the rest of the week there were various holiday activities at home…

2013-01-28 15.53.19 january 15…and I had a day off for some excursions. We spent a good few hours at Questacon which was fun as usual.

2013-01-31 11.33.41 2013-01-31 11.36.47 2013-01-31 12.16.02 2013-01-31 13.26.51


And at the end of the week there was another BBQ with other friends and yet more delicious food.



2013-02-02 18.40.00



Snapshots: School starts!

2013-02-05 08.36.51

So back to school today with varying levels of excitement from the boys. Both Jude and Zac have teachers new to the school, so unexpected packages and Sebastian has Cliver who is, apparently, “strict ut fun” by reputation.

Snapshots: best friends

2013-02-01 08.17.59Sebastian had his best friend over to stay the night – there was some child swapping as Jude went over to their place. I found them hanging out on the couch together in the morning. I love the unselfconsicous physicality of friendship at this age – the boys are happy to sit on the couch together, to thrown their arms around each other and all those things that the homophobia of teen boys beats out of them. However, you know that when they disappear into Sebastian’s room to play music, it can’t be long before adolescence sets in. I hope it doesn’t change them too much.