The week that was…week 4: of boys and bruises and Braidwood

2013-01-24 21.04.52Here are the boys arriving back from Adelaide – while it is nice to have grown up time, it is nice to have them back!

But that isn’t how the week started….

january 2 january 1On Sunday during scrim I had taken a rather hard fall onto my thigh – and over the week the bruise emerged. These were my best attempts at capturing it, and it got even bigger. And then on Tuesday I fell on my thumb, which continues rather sore.

On the weekend, while James and the big boys were at CanCon, Zachary and I made the trip to Braidwood to meet new Master Jolyon – and catch up with the rest of his family as well.

2013-01-26 10.48.39This perhaps is not Jolyon’s best angle, but it was lovely to meet him, and have a baby sleep in my arms again – and then give him back!

2013-01-26 18.18.50The weather got rather awful after that – the storm was coming here, but the rain was more feriously than expected.

So Sunday was mostly inside – although James and Sebastian ventured out for hockey. The rest of us stayed in and I managed a new high score for Ticket to Ride.

2013-01-27 17.26.05

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