Week 3: Road trips galore

2013-01-13 19.30.04We had a quick couple of days in Adelaide after Kangaroo Island, which included an afternoon of roller skating at the Blackwood Recreation Centre and two dinners with the extended family then we left the boys behind and had rather different company in the back seat for the road trip back to Canberra.

2013-01-15 06.59.13-1 At home we discovered the asbestos-wrought devastation to next door – and it must be said it is disturbing to look out of your kitchen window and see people three metres away working in blue suits and respirators.

2013-01-16 08.52.16 2013-01-16 09.38.31There were bags and bags of vegetation and soil being taken away for proper disposal. And now we have no fence between us.

Anyway, a couple of days back at work and then it was off to Sydney for Jasmin and Andrew’s birthday dinner at Tetsuya’s. We discovered that there was an excellent cocktail bar right next to our hotel due to the gin-knowing Anne on Twitter. So cocktails it was. That’s my negroni.

2013-01-18 21.07.50Tasks for Saturday included visits to Paddy’s market to buy covers for phones and iPads and other bits and pieces…

2013-01-19 13.16.14(I couldn’t resist buying this for my expected work iPhone 5)…

2013-01-19 13.00.45…and a visit to the giant duck in Darling Harbour.

2013-01-19 14.59.27James and I also encoutered Chinese dragons being used to launch Thai curry sauce (well, it is all Asian isn’t it?) which were also being filmed for a show I’d never heard of called Recipe to Riches. We felt sorry for the production assistant who had to hold one of the host’s cigar during takes.

And Tetsuya’s…

2013-01-19 19.13.07 Well, the seafood dishes were fabulous, particularly the Salad of the Sea. I was less impressed with the two meat dishes but the desserts were lovely. I was a bit underwhelmed by the wines, a couple were very good but one or two failed to impress. Over all, I thought that the price-quality ratio wasn’t as good as many other degustations I had been to. But it was a lovely evening.

And there is always time for another gin-based cocktail.

2013-01-19 19.22.05

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