Adelaide etc 90

One afternoon, Jude and Zac and I went for a walk down the beach, while Sebastian (who had a sore leg) and James stayed behind. Jude and Zac wanted to climb sandhills, and while they did, I got distracted with finding shells and rocks and other cool things on the beach. Rather than bring them all home with me (I love these beautiful fragments), I took photos, so I figured I can share them with you.Adelaide etc 96

I love these fragments of shell which have been broken and worn away to become something else – a smooth, sculpture of glowing shell.

Adelaide etc 97 Adelaide etc 99

I love a rock and the way the sea twists them into odd and beautiful shapes.Adelaide etc 106

A sponge!

Adelaide etc 109

And here is me – not quite as delicate as the random fragments of shell I found on the beach.

Adelaide etc 115

Adelaide etc 98

More broken shells. Sometimes I think the broken shells are more beautiful than whole shells – the broken ones have endures, have faced the sea and have shaped themselves into something new and unique.Adelaide etc 117 Adelaide etc 119

Another weird spongey thing.

Adelaide etc 122

One of my boys has been this way.

Adelaide etc 121While some think seaweed on beaches is unattractive, it is a reminder of the life in the ocean, and often filled with interesting things. Not to mention the seaweek itself – we saw an amazing range of colours and shapes during our time at Vivonne Bay.

Adelaide etc 116 Adelaide etc 123There were hundreds of cuttlefish remains on the beach. The boys collected heaps on every walk. This was a particularly small example.

Adelaide etc 125

And a small boy! They were all over – fortunately whole, and not in fragments….

Adelaide etc 128


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