The week that was…week 1: wines, family and not much else

2013-01-02 14.26.04


Here are the children entertaining themselves on the couch at Rockford while their parents and grandparents taste more wine. After a surprisingly busy New Year’s Day, we had an even busier 2nd day o the year with a Barossa visit and the purchasing of yet more wine.

2013-01-02 13.09.11 2013-01-02 13.09.27 2013-01-02 13.09.42 2013-01-02 13.11.44They could cope better at lunch. Actually it was an interesting Barossa trip becaue, although we only tasted at three places, two of them were new to us including Whistler Wines (which I mostly missed because I had to do a teleconference but which James liked a lot as evidenced by wines bought) and Artisans, which is a collective tasting room for a number of smaller wineries and meant we got to taste a bunch of interesting wines from all sorts of different wineries and buy them.

2013-01-02 20.29.57

There was also the traditional vist-to-Adelaide-visit-to-the-CitiZen restaurant where the food was excellent as always although the service was a little uneven. Sebastian enjoyed hanging with Sam and Tracey, whatever that facial expression might suggest.

We also spent our last day before Kangaroo Island hanging out with Emilie and Scarlett as Lucy and Rowan were both back at work. I assure you this picture doesn’t indicate the level of excitement we achieved.

2013-01-03 15.52.53



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