A year in the life…day 366: the end


So, New Year’s Eve. A year that began in Honolulu and ended in Adelaide and went a number of places in between. Thank you for sharing the year with me (though I clearly need to go back and audit the entries to get the days right). It has been a big year – I got my own Branch and got to manage it and start some processes of change; I went from barely being able to stand up on skates to having done scrimmage at derby; my youngest started school and my oldest started to show signs of becoming a teenager eventually. I got to travel to Texas, to Delhi, to London. But mostly it was a year of ordinary happiness and frustration, of the joys of family and friends and small daily achievements. Thank you for paying attention – in 2013 I won’t have an entry for every day, but I will try to every week!


4 Responses to A year in the life…day 366: the end

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’ve really enjoyed tagging along. I didn’t comment very often but I loved seeing your posts appear in my reader. This is a great photo!

  2. I really enjoyed your blog. Please write again soon!

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