A year in the life…day 343: Auntie Katie


Being temprarily homeless could not damp small boy enthusiasm I the face of a visit from Auntie Katie who we haven’t seen since she headed over to the UK to study. Much delight, and even more for Jude and zac who headed back to Ga’s house with Auntie Katie to stay the night.


A year in the life…day 342: evacuation


Last week the roof of the neighbours’ house was painted. Before it was painted, it was scraped with wire brushes and water blasted. Turns out it was an asbestos roof and consequently there was asbestos all over the neighbouring property and potentially ours. The only safe thing to do until we knew for sure was leave. So we ended up at the serviced apartments across from work. An adventure I could have done without in the week before christmas.

A year in the life…day 341: gelato break


Sebastian and Zac came Christmas shopping. Mid way through we really needed a gelato break.