A year in the life…day 325: sky post skyfall


James and I went and saw Skyfall due to the generosity of Helen and Sean who offered to babysit at very short notice. We walked home under a big moon.  As for Skyfall, I enjoyed it but it was interesting how much more flag waving and patriotic it was than many of the Bond films. It was also trying to do a strong job in defending the methods of the intelligence agencies, and I must admit the public servant in me bristled at M’s objections to public accountability. Also [spoiler coming here] one part was completely ridiculous – there is no way on earth any intelligence agency would plug the computer of a known hacker into their network. None. On our new network, we aren’t even able to use non-secure USB drives.  I didn’t think it was particulalry sexist; in fact I thought it was quite minimal in that part and jsut did its bit to nod its head at an essential tropic part of a James Bond film. Overall though, not bad – though I thought Casino Royale was better.


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