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When you are at Uluru, standing next to it, you can’t see it all. You experience it differently up close.

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stuff 76From far away it looks smooth and even but as you walk around it you find it mottled with parts where it looks like the skin has been peeled away to reveal and almost organic interior.

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It has gashes and holes and uneven parts, and bits that look like teeth.

stuff 100 stuff 86 stuff 84It also has quiet, hidden parts.

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It took us two and a half hours to walk around the base. Every part of it is different, whilst being somehow coherent. It is big. And red. And you can understand why myths and legends would form around it.

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A year in the life…day 326: sandal torture


Shopping for sandals for the boys proved to be rather more time consuming and frustrating than expected. Between poor customer service, stand wide feet and poor ranges of sizes I nearly despaired. But we got there in the end. At least these two had something to smile about.

A year in the life…day 325: sky post skyfall


James and I went and saw Skyfall due to the generosity of Helen and Sean who offered to babysit at very short notice. We walked home under a big moon.  As for Skyfall, I enjoyed it but it was interesting how much more flag waving and patriotic it was than many of the Bond films. It was also trying to do a strong job in defending the methods of the intelligence agencies, and I must admit the public servant in me bristled at M’s objections to public accountability. Also [spoiler coming here] one part was completely ridiculous – there is no way on earth any intelligence agency would plug the computer of a known hacker into their network. None. On our new network, we aren’t even able to use non-secure USB drives.  I didn’t think it was particulalry sexist; in fact I thought it was quite minimal in that part and jsut did its bit to nod its head at an essential tropic part of a James Bond film. Overall though, not bad – though I thought Casino Royale was better.