A year in the life…day 349: Christmas Eve bedtime


Jude reads Scarlett a story on Christmas Eve. All cousins very pleased to see each other and Jude and Sebastian were particularly looking forward to reading stories to the little girls.


A year in the life…day 248: road trip

Today was spent on the car travelling from Canberra to Adelaide. The DVDs and various electronic devices did the usual trick and they boys were very well-behaved. Which was good because we had various dramas, particularly when we discovered that one of the back tyres had a slow leak causing a few wobbles when overtaking at high speed. But we got there safely and sanely in the end.

A year in the life…day 347: Christmas at Ga’s


This afternoon it was Christmas at Ga’s house and a chance for this set of cousins to get together. Lots of food, drink, presents and fun.

A year in the life…day 346: last day of work


While it was most pleasing that this was my last day of work for the year, it was dismaying to get to 2.30 and find I still had this much work left in my in-tray But I managed to power through it and get out of the office without feeling like I had left much undone.

A year in the life…day 345: Jude and a chook


Helen and Sean offered us dinner while we were homeless, and even though we were home and further testing had assured us the house and garden were thankfully asbestos-free, we were so exhausted thstbus we were enormously grateful to still accept the invitation. Also lovely to see friends of course. As usual the boys loved seeing the chooks, and even learnt to pick them up this time.

A year in the life…day 344: home again


While I was day tripping to Melbourne we got the all-clear that no asbestos had been found on our property so we gratefully went home. Worksafe did order further testing on our property, including inside, but we hoped that with nothing found so far, we would be ok.

A year in the life…day 343: Auntie Katie


Being temprarily homeless could not damp small boy enthusiasm I the face of a visit from Auntie Katie who we haven’t seen since she headed over to the UK to study. Much delight, and even more for Jude and zac who headed back to Ga’s house with Auntie Katie to stay the night.