Kata Tjuta

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Kata Tjuta, or the Olgas as you might be more likely to know them as, are an impressive sight looming across the desert. Both Kata Tjuta and Uluru really stand out in the otherwise flat landscape. it ia amazing how much they look like a matte painting when you see them in the distance.

One can see why these gigantic rocks cause so much awe and admiration when you see them. And the sand really is red.

We decided on the Valley of the Winds walk, which the guidance material suggested was about 3.5 hours. It was an 8km walk and involved ‘some climbing”. Quite a bit really as it was up and over and around.

It was a brilliant sunny day, increasingly hot as the morning and the walk wore on. I did get a touch sunburnt and the final climb before heading out was rather hard, but it was a really beautiful walk nonetheless. Had to be impressed by the guide we encountered who wandered around in thongs with a gigantic water pistol though.

Central Australia attracts a lot of European tourists – so much so that the signs telling you to remember to buckle up are in German and Italian as well as English and Japanese. Most of the Europeans were in highly sensible hiking boots, while I wore my Volleys which became increasingly orange over the course of the weekend.

Anyway, it is a stunning place to visit, but I wouldn’t recommend the whole of the Valley of the Winds walk if you are at all infirm or have children with you. But for giant blue skies and brilliant orange rocks, there is nothing like it.


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