A year in the life…day 319: lazy Sundays

Taking it easy on a Sunday afternoon.

A year in the life…day 318: Jazzie and Zacky

Zacky was happy to see our impromptu dinner guest. As were we all!

A year in the life…day 317: concert debut

The end of year concert for people taking music lessons at school was at 8.15am, so we all headed over to hear Jude and Sebastian and their fellow students play. Sebastian had played in a similar concert last year and seemed fairly unpeturbed by the whole experience and played well. It was Jude’s first concert and I could see he was very nervous before he went on. But he played all right and I am sure it was a relief to get this first public outing out of the way. Interestingly, the boys never seem nervous when they play to friends and family at home. Jude was also slightly inspired by hearing an enormously talented classmate who must have been playing for years perform.

A year in the life…day 316: dinner


This is what happens when you are responsible for dinner the night after you have driven to Sydney and back when you already had jetlag from your 24 hour trip home from London the day before.

A year in the life…day 315: Roller Derby Xtreme


So, ignoring jet lag and all the rest, I drove with four derby buddies up to Sydney and back to see Roller Derby Xtreme. This was two of the biggest US team – the LA Derby Dolls vs the Gotham Girls on the banked track – different to our usual flat track approach. It was interesting to see the banked track, and the US teams, but sadly the night wasn’t all that it could be. The AllPhones Arena was only about half full – I think the price of the tickets possibly scared off non hard-core derby types. Pretty much everyone in the crowd was wearing some kind of derby related paraphenalia, and while there were people from leagues all around NSW and the ACT, and even Victoria, it didn’t seem like there were many civilians. Yet the announcer talked to us like our main interest was seeing people fall over – when it was actually the skating – although, some of the falls were spectacular. With the smaller crowd, the atmosphere wasn’t quite what it could be, though on the up side we managed to improve the quality of our seats by some judicious seat appropriation. Disappointingly, there also wasn’t any half time entertainment, and the general ‘spectacular’ nature of it all was fairly underplayed.

The banked track game seemed rather more scrummy than flat track, and it was much lower scoring – it seemed more of a challenge in general for the jammers to get through for a scoring pass. It was faster, but probably not quite as fast as I had expected. Some of the skating was amazing though, and Bonnie Thunders certainly earned herself a new fan – such amazing footwork and lateral movement across a banked track. As proud Canberrans we were also really pleased to see both Short Stop and Shaggle Frock skate with the teams and acquit themselves wwith honour. Short Stop, in particualr, had adapted effortlessly to the banked track and I think she got lead jammer every time she jammed.

I was very pleased to see Gotham win and it was exciting because it was their first ever banked track win.

But probably the best part of the experience was road tripping with my fellow VDLers – Boudica, Bubble O’Kill, Scary and Terrasmackdal. Much fun and gossip, even if we did resist Bubble’s attempts to make us sing.

A year in the life…day 314: return to the pool


No better way to get back into life and stave off jet lag than to take the boys to swimming lessons and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine.

A year in the life…day 313: in transit


A day spent almost entirely on planes. At one of the Cathay Pacific lounges at Hong Kong airport, I was disappointed to learn that this lounge didn’t have showers. I could have trekked across the airport to a different lounge then trekked back for the plane, but I only had forty minutes and hey, this lounge had pork buns, so that seemed to be a good substitute.


But really Cathay? A lounge without even one shower?

A year in the life…day 312: history


On my last day in London I went to the British Museum just around the corner from where I was staying. looking at the Parthenon marbles, I remembered my previous visits to the British Museum – my mother’s absolute enthusiasm when we visited in 1980, and then being there with Lucy, Karen and Joe in 1990. After some time at the Museum, I met Stephen for lunch. Stephen and I first wrote to each other more than thrity years ago, but had never met. It seemed wrong to let the opportunity past. That was a lot of history for one day.

A year in the life…day 311: old friends


The biggest upside of work travel is getting to see people you haven’t seen in a very long time. So it was wonderful to be able to see both Richard and Neil. I last saw Richard at our friends’ Tara and Peter’s wedding in 1996 while Neil I hadn’t seen since I left Tokyo in 1993. So we had a wonderful afternoon wandering the streets of London, drinking beer and talking and talking and talking. Hopefully there will be a shorter interval before I see these guys again!

A year in the life…day 310: Piccadilly Circus

An outing to the theatre meant a night time visit to Picadilly Circus. Which I think is the best time to visit.