A year in the life…day 283: election day


A year in the life…day 282: Spring Breaks Derby


So an increasing part of my spare time at the moment is going towards our league’s first intra-league bout since February – and the first time that I have really been involved. Selling, tickets, organising first aid, helping out with sponsorship – it is all happening, and now I am very excited to be the Line Up Manager for the PhDemons. Hooray! So all very fun and busy. Anyway, anyone from Canberra reading this post, I encourage you to come along – all the details are here. Make sure you wear the PhDemons black and purple. And hopefully sometime next year you’ll be able to see me on the track, rather than the bench.

A year in the life…day 281: schnitzel part 2


The schnitzel group reassembled this time at the Austrian Club where the decor was 1970s, the beer German and the servings enormous. After some oysters to get us started, it was onto the schnitzel course. I had the gigantic triple which included a pork, veal and chicken schnitzel. They were delicious, but it is lucky that Jude had only had a children’s sized meal and was keen for more schnitzel because I never would have form through it all alone.

A year in the life…day 280: the monster


I walk past this nearly every day. It has had a shadow monster for years and years. I have never known whether it is clever graffiti-urban art, or whether it was commissioned public at but suspect the former. It always makes me smile to see the monster which could be mistaken for a shadow so easily if you weren’t looking.

A year in the life…day 279: experiments


Andrew our usual babysitter was interstate so I finished work early and picked up the boys from school. They decided to launch into science experiments testing the relative waterproofness of boxes and cardboard coatings and so forth. I left them to it, but encouraged the experimentation to occur outside.

A year in the life…day 278: cheese and meth

What better to accompany some Breaking Bad –  gooey cheese?

A year in the life…day 277: spring reading

There are few better discoveries than finding your middlest child reading his book in the spring sunshine.