A year in the life…day 241: Griffs triumph

Here is Jude at the roller derby. It was Red Bellied Blackhearts vs the Surly Griffins. About half our party were for the Blackhearts while Sebastian and I were on the side of the Griffins. James was supporting Team Zebra, the team which never loses. It was a great bout – was totally proud of Dread Herring (Kath) who did an outstanding job jamming for the Griffs, but there was also some really impressive play from Bambi and Legolass for the Blackhearts. But in the end, to the joy of Sebastian and I, the Griffins decisively took out the bout. Hoping to see them in the grand final.


2 Responses to A year in the life…day 241: Griffs triumph

  1. Bubble O says:

    Good choice Se-Bash!! (Is that how he is spelling his name??) So happy to see the griffs utilise their awesome skills into one master display of team work!

    • Melissa says:

      It was a very impressive display. As someone who sees herself as more likely to focus on blocking, I was also really impressed with the Griffs blocking skills – especially seeing them bottle up Blackheart blockers to limit the engagemetn zone – and I have a big soft spot for Aunty Aggro! And yes, that is the spelling!

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