A year in the life…day 257: whoops


So for the first time, I failed to take a photo today. This one is from later in the week. I blame the shell shock of starting in my boss’ job and finding the Eye of Sauron turned upon me. While I have had interesting and challenging work for the last year, it hasn’t been quite in the heart of the firestorm that my boss’ job currently is. So suddenly 10-11 hour days, calls and emails all weekend and popping up to see the Minister regularly are a little bit of a shock to the system. To be honest though, also kind of fun. If tiring fun. Anyway, that is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

A year in the life…day 256: football presentation

The official end of the football season for us – Sebastian and Jude got their team trophies at the Ainslie Football Club Junior presentation this morning.

A year in the life…day 255: unexpected visitors

James and Sebastian went to watch Nick play in his hockey grand final….and came home with three additional small boys! Nick managed to stop a ball with his head, apparently preventing a goal which ensured his team’s victory. While winning victory, the tactic of stopping balls with the head is not to be recommended – Nick had to head off to the hospital to get numerous stitches in his head. So while Nick was off being stitched accompanied by Catherine, the Prosser trio came back to our house. While Atticus did need to solemnly tell me a couple of times about Nick bleeding, over all they were fairly unperturbed by the whole incident, and more than happy to play with our boys. Nick and Catherine got back from the hospital surprisingly quickly and so we even made roller derby in time. while it was lovely to see the Junior Prossers, it perhaps was not the preferred circumstances.

Dare to be different!

For the final day of school the theme was “Dare to be Different.” So the boys were. Zachary was the King in Boardshirts while Jude was Pyjama Guy and Sebastian went for his own interpretation of Derby Girl, complete with fishnets. Fabulous that the school choose to encourage difference and diversity, and even better that the boys are confident about themselves to choose their own interpretations of this and run with it. And Sebastian even got to skate at school!

A year in the life…day 254: derby girls

Here is the gang at our Friday night social skate – and they all have the same coloured wheels. Except for Chewbaccanda who is totally photo-bombing here. Sebastian and Zac are off skating about somewhere.

A year in the life…day 253: new wheels

New wheels arrived – so I spent some time putting in bearings and putting them onto the skates. Yay!

A year in the life…day 252: aged spirits



I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to go with Anna to a ‘complex aged spirits master class’ at Plonk. In addition to be told a little about calvados, armagnac and cognac, how they are made and where they come from, we also had the fun of trying a few out. Calvados was first and we tried the Roger Groult Calvados Pays d’Auge which was 8 years old and the Victor Gontier Domfrontais Calvados 1997. As we learnt, the principal difference between the Domfrontais and the Pays d’Auge is that the Domfrontais has pear in addition to apple – I think 30% pear to be precise, although the Victor Gontier is different again in that it has 40% pear. I must admit I actually preferred the Roger Groult, although I think I was alone at the table in that preference. As a break in between we tried the Le Pere Jules Pommeau de Normandie which was delicious in its appley sweetness.

Next up was armagnac and we had a Comte de Lamaestre Bas Armagnac 1990 and then a Castarede Bas Armagnac 1978. While the Lamaestre was nice, the Castarede was superb – the longer aging flattening out any residual rough edges. Armagnac is actually older than cognac, but not as well known – partly because the cognac regions are closer to the coast and thus trade in it was so much easier. When the got to taste the Domaine D’Esperance Floc de Gascogne, which was almost too sweet, but had this amazing flowery summer taste to it.

Then onto the cognac. We tried the Dudognon 1er Cru De Cognac VSOP and the Francois Voyer Cognac Grande Champagne XO. Let me just say, the Voyer was amazing. Probably should be too at $210 a bottle. A completely polished spirit, it was like velvet on the palate. I wouldn’t knock back the Dudognon either.

We finished with the Normandin Mercier Pineau des Charentes which took me back to my time in Angouleme, even though it was a red pineau rather than a white which we usually drank, and a Dumangin Ratafia de Champagne which would have been a delightful summer drink.

In all, while cognac is perhaps the smoother drink, armagnac probably has more character. I quite liked the calvados, but I think I would be at the cognac or armagnac first. In all though it was rather a fun evening, and Anna and I were rather the exception as two women there together – allowing us to get chatted up by the sales rep – and getting to try another of his liqueurs – this rather amazing apple and chestnut combination. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening.