A year in the life…day 230: new pjs

Sick day. Lucky I had new pyjamas to keep me warm.

A year in the life…day 229: trucks

So tonight I loosened the trucks on my skates after several further unsuccessful attempts at one-foot weaving, and, like a miracle, suddenly I could weave around 6 cones. Of course the scary thing is, this means that I might now be able to pass my yellow star test in a week and a half, particularly if I can pull that off again. I’m not sure I am ready. But hey, it is a long way to come in just under 8 months.

A year in the life…day 228: last of the duty free gin


I think we may have gone through five litres of duty free gin this year. Plus some I got for my birthday. But I may to go and purchase sone at a shop now…

A year in the life…day 227: a goal!

This year was Jude’s first year of football. He quickly decided he loved it and tried really hard and was very enthusiastic, even if his skills were still nascent. He was also playing u10s because a couple of his friends were in the team rather than u8s, so he was always amongst the smaller kids of the field. He had a terrific coach who was very encouraging and enthusiastic  – he even sent Jude an email at one point to tell him how proud he was of how hard he’d been trying. This week was the final week of football for the year. In the second third of the match, Hayley, the sole girl member of the team, got her first goal of the year as all her teammates worked hard to make it happen. Then it was the final third and the coach asked who hadn’t scored a goal yet – Jude was one, so he went into the forwards. After some agonising near misses, his teammate Orlando – a very good player, even better because he always shared the ball – got the ball to Jude and Jude ran in and kicked his goal. He was thrilled, but I think the coach was even happier. I’m pretty sure Jude will be keen to play again next year.

So here is my appreciation of the people who take the time to make junior sport happen – all the coaches and managers and officials – and my thanks to the parents who cheer the good play of the opposition and encourage their kids along. I haven’t seen any really bad parent or coach behaviour at either hockey or football this year. Sport at this age should be about fun and participation and encouragement, and it is great to see that happening. Because there is nothing better than seeing the pride of scoring a first goal.

A year in the life…day 226: frozen margarita


Some Fridays you just need a frozen margarita at lunch time. Probably helped that I think the alcohol content was pretty damn low.

A year in the life…day 225: secret water

We are currently up to Secret Water in our Arthur Ransome odyssey. This one definitely has caught the boys’ attention. Nearly finished too.

A year in the life…day 224: ascension

Steve was sick on Wednesday, so we covnerted D&D night to general games night and played Ascension, Andrew’s new game. Once I worked it out (it is a deck building game) it was rather fun – and I even won the second round.