Iron Chef Whisky

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So it was a long weekend with nothing planned on the Saturday and it had been ages since we’d had Iron Chef and it had been reported that my godfather, John, had recently returned from Islay with some single malts to try so we thought, what the hey, and (relatively) impromptu Iron Chef Whisky it was.We started with oysters in whisky – I believe the Talisker and the Caol Ila were used for this purpose. A surprisingly delicious combination, even for me who is not normally wild about oysters.

Another surprisingly appetising morsel was deep fried whisky jelly. Andrew had decided that that this was the ultimate Scottish style experience and the experiment worked out very successfully.

Jasmin then provided us with some delicious scallops with a whisky and mushroom creamy sauce. Apparently whisky flavours and seafood work well together.

We also got to graze on the savoury cheesecake with apple and whisky which Kerry whipped up – fabulous with crackers.

Another whisky and seafood combination – prawns with whisky and honey sauce devised by Rachel. We were certainly big on the delicious pre dinner morsels.

Interspersed with the eating was the tasting of single malts. The first unusual one we tried was Kilchoman – an Islay single malt from a relatively newly established distillery. Established in 2005, it was the first new distillery on Islay in 124 years. It was very good – I failed to write detailed tasting notes, so you are not going to get more than one word descriptions!

And then on to the mains. Salmon cooked in whisky and citrus with chilli and red onion – Andrew’s regular salmon contribution. Lovely combination of flavours.

Also from Andrew, mashed potatoes and whisky jelly cubes. Worked well with a number of our other dishes.

In a totally delicious creation, we had pork stuffed with duck and mushrooms with a whisky sauce thanks to Rachel. Mmmmm.

Pork with black eyed beans and whisky cooked up with James. Tasted wonderful and even better the next day once the whisky had had a chance to infiltrate everything.

Rachel got the chance to trot out her favourite vegetable, brussel sprouts, in this salad. There was also pot roast lamb and whisky glazed roast vegetables which I failed to photograph.

But it didn’t stop there.

Jasmin made a trifle with whisky, raspberries and bananas.

There were also two chocolate cakes – my Maggie Beer whisky-soaked raisin cake and Caroline’s chocolate and prune one. Yum.

After all that food, there was only one thing to do. Drink more whisky.

We moved onto a Bowmore single malt, the Tempest, which is only available at the distillery. Again, very nice.

There was also some Ardbeg to be tried.

And some natural cask strength Caol Ila. With a little bit of water of course.

All was wonderful and the best thing was that I didn’t even have a hangover the next day. I think the key was lots of water and very little wine!


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