A year in the life…day 178: Prometheus


James and I finally managed to get to see Prometheus last night. We have been meaning to go since it came out, but have kept not quite managing it. Movies attendance is the one thing that has truly suffered since we have had children – it always seems such an effort to organise babysitting and the like just to go to see a film. Anyway, Rachel volunteered to babysit – hooray – and we made it.  Just in time too – with James off to Ireland for a week and a half on Wednesday, I wouldn’t be surprised if its run was over by the time he got back.

So as Alien lovers we had high hopes, but had also got enough of a feel from Twitter etc not to have too high expectations. On the plus side, it looked fantastic and the acting was really good with quite a strong (and interesting) cast. Sadly though great swathes of the film didn’t make a lot of sense, and it saddens me that the Ripley replacement was such a god botherer. Although, that should not have been surprising given that I had always thought that parts of Alien 3, and particularly Ripley’s self sacrifice, were religiously inspired. There were some interesting ideas, but the whole spiritual bit was a bit over done and ho hum for the likes of me. It is an interesting idea to try and infuse modern science fiction with religious ideas given the target audience are probably not the most receptive to these ideas.  Anyway, I was glad I saw it, even if it was far from flawless. And it is always fun to go to the movies.


One Response to A year in the life…day 178: Prometheus

  1. yes – sadly the film has great chunks of ‘no, really, why did that happen’ in it. Even those characters who have some surface motivation for the actions are highly inconsistent.

    A perfect example: how did the geologist and the biologist get lost? Why didn’t the people in the control room notice on their huge glowing maps? And if they got lost, who was driving the big truck which left about a minute before everyone else got onto the jet bikes? (or was that David- I forget)

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