A year in the life…day 202:new hair


After missing two hair appointments due to my two overseas trips, I was waaay overdue and so today was a say for a chanfe – strawberry blonde!

A year in the life…day 201: brand new volleys

Less a tribute to our Olympians and more a desperate need to finally replace my old stinky volleys I left in a rubbish bin in Texas.

A year in the life…day 200: Christmas in July

Christmas in July at Jasmin’s house complete with turkey and ham and mulled wine and sparkling red. No Christmas pudding, but we made do with Young Andrew’s tiramisu and Andrew’s chocolate pudding and cake. A delicious way to spend an afternoon. Also, admire Jasmin’s Father Christmas tea pot!

A year in the life…day 199: oranges

One of the duties of the footy-parent is to bring oranges once or twice a season. Today was the day for the u10s.

Climbing up a year

For Zac’s birthday party it was time to go climbing. He and his friends and brothers spent the afternoon scampering up walls.

We parents stayed firmly on the ground, holding onto the ropes – though it did take me back to rock climbing at high school and how much I enjoyed that. Maybe we’ll organise a grown up session some time…

But back to the heights.

We did have some party food – well, young Andrew did his Pseudo Godfather duties and brought the pizza.

And of course the piece de resistance, the cake – complete with Chico mountain climbers.

Happy 6 years to Zac!

A year in the life…day 198: Zac and Seb get their skates on

So after the trials of getting skates the right side and a short attempt at skating last weekend in the driveway which was not very successful due to the absolutely crapness of the driveway surface, Sebastian and Zachary finally got to give their skates a proper run tonight. So of the derby folk organise a social skate at the AIS, so I took the boys along. They didn’t do too badly for their first time out – Zachary did like to keep holding hands most of the time, but was at least getting some of the basics of the sticky skate movements, and Sebastian after some instruction from some of the other skaters, didn’t do too bad a job at getting about by himself. They both got pretty good at their knee and four-point falls though! Best of all, they had lots of fun – and thanks to everyone who gave them a bit of  hand along tonight.

A year in the life…day 197: scab

While most of the bruising has faded, I still have a very attractive scab on my knee. Makes me feel about seven. Did it hurt this much to kneel on when I was a child?

A year in the life …day 196: Zac’s holiday report

Zac writes and illustrates the story of his holidays. He tells me he wrote it all without help. And I love the fact he has Merida’s red hair and arrows down pat.

A year in the life…day 195: wheels and tools


I am not sure that a year ago I would have pictured myself changing wheels on skates. But here we are… I was quite pleased with myself at training last night. Despite being far from peak fitness I kept up the entire time and didn’t take any extra breaks. And it was a lot of fun!

A year in the life…day 194: sunrise makes everything pretty


After a month or so of no morning rides – travel, work, illness, tiredness, extreme cold and a touch of laziness have kept me off the bike before breakfast – today I dragged myself out of bed early in an attempt to revive the fitness regime. At first I thought it was a bit of a gloomy, overcast morning, but as I arrived at the lake the light of the rising sun was beginning to hit it and make everything beautiful.