A year in the life…day 172: hockey

It worked out today that I actually got to Sebastian’s hockey – I haven’t seen as many of his hockey games as his football this year. We rode down to ANU together for the game. Sebastian’s play was a bit uneven – a couple of times he held onto the ball for way too long when he should have passed, but he also did some good stuff and was constantly in the play. They won 6-nil which was rather nice also.

After lunch there was more riding and Zac and I rode with Jude to Reid for his football game. Sadly by that time the sun had hidden itself behind the clouds and it was rather colder. it was my day to supply the oranges. Jude remains enthusiastic about the football and his skills are slowly getting there. I was most impressed by the coach who encouraged the boys to alter the team song to change the word “boys” to “champs” (selected by the team) so that they could be more inclusive given that one of their teammates, Hayley, is most definitely not a “boy”.

A year in the life…day 171: report celebration


Small boys school reports came today and everyone did well so we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. Korean food proved both popular and cheap followed by cafe cake and hot chocolate.

Space Shuttle! Concord! Blackbird!

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On my last day in Washington, I had to drive to Annapolis and back before catching the plane home. After a somewhat hair-raising start to the day, I got to Annapolis, had my meeting and got back to the Dulles area with a couple of hours before I needed to be at the airpor. So naturally I stopped by the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at Dulles. How could I resist?

There are so many highlights at the museum for the air and space enthusiast, it is hard to know quite where to start. But one of the three really big ticket items is the first big exhibit one sees, so we might as well start there – the SR-71A Blackbird. Very big. And black.

Then to what I had really come to see – Space Shuttle Discovery. So. Cool. The 10 yr old me who wanted to be an astronaut really came out.

Up close, it almost looked like it was made of quilted fabric. It was smaller than I expected, though some parts, like the exhaust ports, are enormous.

The other space bits were very cool also, and I wished I had the boys, studying their term on space exploration and the planets, with me. An Apollo lander with the actually balloons from Apollo 11! I must admit I said “cool” and “wow” a lot.

There ere heaps and heaps of very cool planes – I wished I had longer to linger over them, but it is an impressive collection.

The concorde, like the Space Shuttle, was smaller than expected, but so sleek and elegant.

And that was about all I had time for, before I had to run off and catch my own plane. The large hanger set up meant I had seen all of the plane exhibits, if briefly, but there is definitely more to explore. Look forward to taking all four boys there sometime in the future.

A year in the life…day 170: hotel


I do wonder if I am too old to stay in a hotel which makes you sign a form agreeing you won’t have guests in your room and be noisy past 10pm, but I do quite like the funky decor of the Vibe in Goulburn Street and the fact it isn’t every other hotel. Cheap too.

A year in the life…day 169: astronomy night

Sebastian and Jude have been doing a unit on stars and planets and space exploration this semester at school and so tonight they had an astronomy night at school with five telescopes. Of course, it was cloudy. Initially we got to see the moon and its craters, then the clouds parted enough to be able to see Saturn. So cool – it looks almost not real. Added bonus for the three small boys – running around the oval in the dark making a lot of noise.

A year in the life….day 168: furry friends

George is hanging out out with Zac’s teddies, watching tv.

A year in the life…day 167: the miracle of antibiotics

This morning Zac was whimpering with an ear ache, this evening he had regained some of his cheekiness.