Tex Mex time!

When you have spent the weekend on your feet, talking about skilled migration, and then managed a hard core shopping trip (it is awesome that the shops in Houston are open til 7pm on a Sunday), a frozen margarita is exactly what you feel like. So it was lucky that our choice of Pappasito’s for dinner presented us with the opportunity for fabulous frozen margaritas!

James had been enthusiastic about the table-side guacamole of Tex Mex restaurants when he had been to San Antonio last year (one of the few things about Texas that made him at all enthusiastic, that and $1 Coronas), so we gave that a whirl pre-mains. Delicious – and naturally demonstrably fresh.

The restaurant was entertaining in its eclectic decor – and the neon beer signs above the bar always make me think I’m in a Supernatural episode.

The it was onto the main course.

I had a chicken burrito which was enormous. A couple of my dinner companions went for the steak fajitas which they thought we fabulous. The burritos were good – but so much food! Like a number of meals I had in the US, I didn’t manage to eat them all. I actually had fajitas myself the next night in Austin at Chupacabra Cantina.

Again it was delicious, and again I didn’t manage to eat it all. In Austin as I was alone I actually sat at the bar, and a couple of cold Coronas (though not $1 ones – $3.85) were very welcome after walking around in the 30+ heat of the Austin afternoon.

We don’t get very good, or indeed much Tex Mex at all in Australia, and particularly Canberra, so it fun to be somewhere where there was lots of it, and it was all pretty cheap and good. Even the tacos I had at Dulles airport at Chipoltes were pretty yummy!

One Response to Tex Mex time!

  1. This looks fantastic! Definitely space for this kind of thing in Canberra…

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