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First weekend of the winter sports fest. We worked out that between us all there were 10 individual sports activities happening from Friday night through to Sunday night. A little exhausting.

So there was Friday night hockey training for Sebastian – of course it was freezing cold and I didn’t have enough clothes. Lesson learnt.

Saturday, however, was a beautiful day.

Sebastian’s football game was across the road. James took Jude and Zachary to minkey while I wandered over to watch Sebastian play. It was the two Ainslie teams playing each other, and after dominating the first quarter, Seb’s team, the Blacks, failed to capitalise and were beaten by their Ainslie friends. He acquitted himself well though, and it was interesting to see just how much better the team’s skills are this year – probably mostly because they are all that bit older and more coordinated.

Then back home, changed, muesli bar and across the road for hockey.

Watching Sebastian play hockey after football was revealing of a few things. Sebastian watches a lot of hockey – he goes and sees James play regularly and he and James watch it on television. We watch a lot less football. Sebastian has also played a bit more hockey, including some games over summer with adults. While his skills are similar in both, he is a better hockey player because he understands the game more; he understands field placement and the way the game is played. This all make him a better hockey player than a footballer – at the minute. It is easy to see how the notion of genetically transferred sporting ability is not merely about genes, it is about the social environment. If you grow up in a family which is immersed in sport, your chances of being better at that sport are even better. It is no a guarantee of success – otherwise I would have been a top athlete – but it is certainly going to help you.

The rest of the boys had made it back from minkey in time to see the end of Seb’s game and did a bit of playing in the stands. Sebastian’s team one, which was a great start to the season. They hadn’t been very successful last year as they were a fairly young side, so this year they might come into their own a bit more.

And then it was lunch and off to Jude’s footy match.

This was Jude’s first full football match. He did well – smothered two balls in quite succession which I think was rather painful, but he didn’t come off and battled through. He also set up a goal with a handpass which he was very happy about. And his team won convincingly and he got an award from the Coach, so that was even better.

On Sunday I took Zac over to Auskick which he is liking more and more.

He’s also getting more confident, and better with his kicking, and having lots of fun.My kicking is improving too.

That ended my sporting supervision duties for the weekend – James took Sebastian across the road for his regional u11 hockey training Sunday afternoon, and I had my own roller derby training. James had his hockey on Saturday afternoon. So much sport – I think we are all going to be a little exhausted by the end of winter.


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