A year in the life…day 102: derby day

Today was a day spent as an NSO (non-skating official) at the Cannery Challenge where Varsity Derby League got to skate against Canberra Roller Derby League skaters and teams. My team ie VDL is in the red and white above. As someone who spent my entire childhood around sport, I know how important officials are, so happy to spend my day doing it. And as someone who spent every summer Saturday of childhood at the athletics, didn’t feel any qualms about dragging the boys along. Besides, it was awesome, and so were the boys. It was a great chance to see some fantastic skating and skaters up close and increase my knowledge of tactics and rules. And it was great to see the team play – we may have been beaten but that didn’t mean we didn’t acquit ourselves well. The boys were fantastic and kept themselves amused, and Seb was keen to help out and watch. He is now asking the question many of us girls asked as we were growing up – why can’t I play? Of course he could, but there aren’t any Men’s Leagues in Canberra. Yet. Maybe by the time he grows up. He was considering getting skates for his birthday though…


2 Responses to A year in the life…day 102: derby day

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’ve never seen a game though I believe the DC Rollergirls are great to watch. You might have piqued an interest here…..

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