Good Meat Friday

So normally, we aren’t particularly militant about our atheism. But we had been thinking about doing a whole wagyu thing for some time, and Good Friday seemed like an obvious choice. It turned out to be an absolutely glorious day for a meat-fest, so we gathered in our back yard for an afternoon of eating and drinking.

But it wasn’t all meat and more meat – Rachel did start us off with some dips and vegetables, while Helen provided some fabulous almongds.

We quickly got into the meat though, beginning with pork spare ribs. Delicious as usual.

The men folk, in a traditional gender divide, then got into the serious business of cooking the wagyu. It was impressive though that we managed to utilise three different barbeques during the proceedings.

Helen and Sean had procured around $200 worth of wagyu sirloin for us which was our first wagyu foray. James and Steve did some experimenting on the barbeque and then made a considered decision about how best to cook it.

In the meantime, Sebastian helped put the slightly sickly and thus grumpy Fritha to sleep.

By this time it had gotten quite dark, so we retreated inside for the consumption of the wagyu – with salads and webber-roasted vegetables.

The menfolk had done a good job with the wagyu, it was well cooked and delcious. It certainly has a buttery texture to it which sets it apart from other varieties of beef. While I made it through my sirloin without problem, its richness and texture meant I really didn’t need any more.

But then there was dessert.

Jasmin had whipped up two pavlovas – chocolate and standard, Young Andrew a tiramisu and Andrew V a chocolate pudding. Much dessert was had by all. We didn’t even get close to making it to cheese as we were all completely full. And there were a lot of wine bottles in the recycling this morning. I can’t think of a better way to spend Good Friday.


One Response to Good Meat Friday

  1. Bells says:

    Such a great party! And you are so right about the rich buttery wagy!

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