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As must seem inevitable, my birthday brunch went on. And on. I didn’t really take any photos during the early brunch part, but more during the “hanger-on-ers” period….

Because life has been so busy lately, I made minimum inviting efforts for the event, so things we pretty much core friends with a couple of additions. We ate bacon and James’ homema de gravlax and croissants and hot cross buns and various other breakfast related foods and dranks jugs of cranberry and champagne and mint julep and moscato and gin.

When the crowds had thinned a little, Jude organised an impromptu concert for us.

We all enjoyed sitting in the autumn sunshine drinking champagne and watching the children play around us.

Although occasionally the play was more on us than around us…

Eventually, as twilight came upon us, we barbequed. The benefit of a brunch is that you can go on for 9 hours and still get an early night. It was a lovely day, and wonderful to have Lucy and Rowan and Scarlett and Emilie with us too.


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