A year in the life…day 74: progress


I slept badly last night, came home tired, found poorly behaving children, had dramas around after-school care to resolve and had to pack to go to Sydney/Melbourne tomorrow. And on Sunday at training I had hit a bit of a wall and found myself a bit teary about my inability to do things. So, to be frank, I really wasn’t sure I had the emotional or physical energy to go to training tonight. It took all my will power to pack my gear, get on the bike and ride over to uni.  And then they made us jog. I really hate jogging. However, and it is a big however, the wonderful Colonel Slanders (or Steve if you prefer), one of our fabulous coaches, took the time out to take me by the hands, literally and figuratively, and give me some one-on-one time. By the end of that I was skating properly, doing it in a way I had never managed to do before. It is amazing what a little bit of time, and a lot of support from everyone, and some concentrated practice can achieve. So I came home feeling awesome. Totally shattered, but awesome.


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