a year in the life…day 91: black dragons, old houses


Today we went to Craig and Fiona’s house for a D&D tabletop battle. We even beat the black dragon. Of course, the weird thing is that Craig and Fiona’s was where we were leaving until about 6 months ago. Mostly it felt like their house, but every now and again, as if out of the corner of my eye, it felt strange. Like the fact that their fridge opens the other way….

A year in the life…day 90: jammy face boy with violin


Jude seems incapable of eating without smearing food all over his face. I noticed the jam this morning half way on our walk to school. I managed to resist the urge to spit on my fingers and rub it off. Like a mother…

a year in the life…day 89: ouch


I burnt my arm getting hot cross buns out of the oven this morning. Clearly a seasonal accident.

A year in the life…day 88: so tired + new hair


After 4 hours sleep and a day of work I am pretty much so tired I can barely think. But I do have new hair. It has gone more strawberry blonde, but you can”t tell that really from the picture.

Duran Duran was still totally worth it though.

A year in the life…day 87: Duran Duran

29 years ago I went to my first ever concert, Duran Duran at Memorial Drive. I still remember the completely visceral thrill of it and how excited and alive it made me feel. And also I still remember what Simon Le Bon was wearing.

So 29 years later I get to see Duran Duran again, and apparently have now had a crush on Simon for more than 30 years. This is longer than Louise, who made the road trip to Sydney and back for the show with Michelle and Jasmin and I, has been alive. Oh well. Anyway it was a great show and they did play all the favourites. It must be amazing to be able to go out on stage and play a song you made up more than 30 years ago and have a giant crowd shout it back at you. THIS IS PLANET EARTH.

A year in the life…day 86: pretty


birthday flowers…thanks John and Kerry.

A year in the life…day 85: birthday

Celebration for today was a birthday brunch…last guests left around 7.30pm – always a sign of a successful celebration.

A year in the life…day 84: more cousins!

Emilie favourite word at the moment is “cousins.” She wonders “where are my two cousins” when only one of the boys is in the room or “where is my big cousin” when she is looking for Sebastian. That is not to say that the boys aren’t very much enjoying being the cousins – they are as well.

A year in the life…day 83: cousins

Small boys are very excited to have their cousins staying with us for a few days.

A year in the life…day 82: goodbye lemon tree


Today is almost certainly the last time I will see this view from the front step of my parents house-they are moving. while I lived in this house myself for only a few years, since 1988 this place has been a constant, a fixed point in our lives, a place to come back to over and over. I am glad Mum znd Dad are moving, and the house does need demolishong, but even so it does deserve a moment of reflection of the fact that one phase of our lives has finished.