Zachary: School boy

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So the day had come – Zachary was starting school. He was pretty relaxed about it all, while I was contemplating the youngest finally being a school boy. Makes me feel old.

But he certainly looked the part.

Once at school, he found some friends, both from preschool at Turner last year, and also from childcare. There were lots of hugs. Liam was less enthusiastic than Zac about first day photos.

Sebastian and Jude don’t start back until tomorrow, but they came along to cheer their brother along.

Then names were read out and it was time to go into the classroom. Zac has Jo as his teacher (Jude approves as she was his maths teacher last year) and has his good friends Sebastian (yes, a different one), Max and Hasshan in his class.

Once they had sat on the mat and said hello to the teacher and settled in a little, it was time for activities. Zac, Max and Sebastian immediately hit the puzzles.

We headed off at that point – Zac was totally unphased that we were leaving. All the childcare and preschool makes for a very easy transition. And when I got home tonight, Zachary’s verdict on the day was “awesome!”


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