A year in the life…day 31: meetings


This week seems to be full of meetings. Obviously the year is back on properly.

A year in the life…day 30: Pigeon Post

The boys’ and my epic journey through Arthur Ransome continues with Pigeon Post, which even came to Hawai’i with us. Tonight because the boys wanted to watch Doctor Who, the television got turned off beforehand for half an hour so we could have our Pigeon Post chapter pre Doctor Who, rather than missing out. Dedication.

Beach trip

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Sebastian, James and Steve were spending the day demonstrating WWII plane games at CanCon, so Michelle and I decided to take Fritha, Jude and Zac to the beach for the day.

First stop, the Innes Boatshed at Bateman’s Bay for some fish and chips.

Particularly delicious fish and chips they were too. And it was nice to see Jude eat most of his as well, after hardly eating during his week of sickness.

We then headed a little way down the road to Surf Beach at Batehaven, a regular favourite when we are not venturing far.

The day had turned out to be quite beautiful, but it was a bit windy on the beach.

Fritha delighted in her first view of the day and her first taste of sand. It was adorable to see the full body arm-waving excitement.

Jude was still not completely well again, so her spent a bit of time lying around enjoying the warmth of the sun, while Zachary jumped in and out of the little waves.

Some mroe time playing in the sand and surf and it all got a little much for Fritha. Zac and I splashed around for a little longer.

It was then time to get changed and have an icecream and a play in the playground next to the beach – one of the reasons this beach always appeals to us.

We then headed back up the enormous hill back to Canberra. With it being the Sunday after a sort-of long weekend, there was a bit of traffic coming out of Bateman’s Bay, and a bit on the Clyde. The trip was pretty quiet though – for a brief period we achieved the back-seat sleeping trifecta!

A year in the life…day 29: side benefits


So it would seem that a side benefit of roller derby training is that it aignificantly increaes the likelihood of me having at least one AFD a week…

A year in the life…day 28: Hot Pot Luck


This afternoon the boys and I (minus James who was at CanCon) headed over to Zoe‘s for a HotPotLuck event. Zoe whipped up the sichuan broth (with a very spicy and less spicy option) and we dipped and cooked the array of ingredients brought along, from pork belly to tofu, green vegetables to squid while the gang of children roamed about. A lovely afternoon which would have stretched further into the evening if my small boys weren’t still convalescent.

Kilauea by night

Here are some photos James took of the volcano by night – captured rather better than on my little camera.

A year in the life…day 27: boys and cat

This week has been slightly trying with Jude and Sebastian sick and Zac grumpy and then facially injured and parents losing patience with the whining and complaining, while also worried about the coughing and the fevers. George seemed unperturbed though, and mostly seems to love hanging with the boys – if they are in the lounge room, he almost always is too.