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Jude has been showing a little bit of an obsession with trolls recently.We have seen green trolls and brown trolls and pink trolls and trolls eating farmers and carrying clubs.

I am not quite sure of the original of the troll obsession, though it may well have been encouraged by the role-playing that the boys have started. Using their own gaming system which seems to be an interesting mix of what Sebastian has learnt at his vacation care Vala Club and what the boys have overheard when we play Dungeons and Dragons, with a little bit of computer game thrown in, Sebastian has led his brothers through an adventure that seemed to involve a lot of farmers, trolls and cows, along with the discovery of a secret underground laboratory where mad scientists were experimenting with DNA (perhaps a bit of Zac Power thrown in here?). The most entertaining thing has been how engaged they have all been with this, even sacrificing Wii/computer/television time to play while we were still sleeping in.  And surprisingly few disputes as well.

One does start to wonder, however, whether there may have been too much role-playing in the house when Zac, on finding a 20 cent piece, said “look Me-me, a Natural Twenty!”

The best part of baking…

Zachary and I decided to make some little chocolate cakes. Zac was very helpful with putting ingredients into the bowl, insistent that he could break the eggs (and getting better at this skill) and put all the cake cases into their containers. Of course though, the best bit of baking cakes comes next…


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Jasmin once again hosted a Halloween party – and we all love a chance to dress up. Sebastian decided that this year it was his turn to be a zombie…

Look out Fritha, that zombie might eat your brains!

Fritha was a little black sheep. And here she is facing an imminent threat from the vampiric Rachel who, I have it on good authority, has a thing for Teacup Humans.Jude decided to wear his magicians’ robes, but this time on the side of evil rather than good as a DeathEater.

Zac went for the oriental look, although it might have been slightly detracted from by his insistence on wearing Tigger pyjama shorts with it.

So amongst the adults there were soldiers and gangsters and of course vampires – both Rachel and my choices for the evening. I was aiming at True Blood style, while we decided that Rachel had a definite Drusilla-ness about her.

And Jasmin was Elvira for the evening of fun! Happy Hallloween.