The Big Draw

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A sunny day and a ride across the lake to the Potrait Gallery for their “Big Draw” – a day of activities using creative approaches to “drawing”.

The 3D approach to drawing was a lot of fun. Using small cornstarch foam pieces which stuck together when made damp, we all got to build a range of exiicting constructions.

When we finally got to the end of our creativity with cornstarch foam, it was time to go a bit dotty. The next activity used coloured dots to create pictures on the windows.

The boys made volcanoes and flowers and guns and boats and bridges with their dots.

Finally we did some drawing to music. The jazz band was skteched, or music was used to inspire pictures.

There were other activites, but it was time for us to go. Hoping that they will repeat the event again next year.

Birthday Steve, goodbye house

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We weren’t really intending to have a house-cooling party, but on our last Sunday at the house, threatening rain meant we relocated Steve’s birthday celebrations involving much fish and curry to our place. Which was fitting – our house had hosted so many social events over our (nearly) five years there, that it was only right for everyone to have a chance to say goodbye.

As usual, the boys were delighted to see Fritha…and she seemed to benignly tolerate all the man-handling.

Jasmin also engaged in some strange behaviour with her toes. Probably Rachel’s influence.

Steve and James eventually managed to master the deep fryer, with the result of some delicious deep-fried fish morsels.

We feasted on fish and curries all prepared by Steve and no one was left remotely hungry afterwards.

But there was still room for dessert – Michelle had prepared some chocolate cupcakes and I whipped up a strawberry vacherin.

There was rugby watching and drinking and I think both Steve and the house enjoyed their respective celebrations.

Waiting for puppets

Jude created a bunch of puppets and put on a puppet show for us.

The play was somewhat absurdist in nature, as animals met and greeted each other.

Eventually, however, they were bound together into a common purpose by the birth of a chick.

Much gathering of furry friends occured to celebrate the circle of life and the hatching of the egg.

We never did quite reach the end of the narrative, and have been assured it will continue, one day.

A boy, his dad…and his tiger