Learning Journey

Every year Turner School has its “learning Journey” day, where parents come along and get to see the work their children have been doing. as both Jude and Sebastian are in 1/2 classes, they were on at the same time, so we split up and swapped at the half way mark.

I hung out with Jude first who showed me his favourite pieces of work – drawings/project work, writing and maths, as well as his art work around the room.

Jude and I then did some multiplication with the dice and white board, and some word games, and then Jude did some reading for me before I headed off to Sebastian’s classroom.

It was the same deal with Sebastian – looking at his work, and looking at his artwork around the classroom.

We then went and met Jude and James outside for some phys-ed demonstration – I just sat and watched as I was suffering from illness of doom.

It is a lovely opportunity to get to see the boys’ work in their classrooms and see how much they continue to improve.

Glebe Park

Glebe Park has long been a favourite and recently they have updgraded it by putting a shade over the top. So I can foresee more visits in future. For this visit we rode there on the bikes before shopping in town.

Then Sebastian took a few photos himself -first of his parents:

And then of Jude and the flowers. Don’t you love spring?

End of the season

Football season has come to an end. Sebastian got a full formal award presentation event at the Ainslie Football Club, and came away with a trophy to mark the year’s activities. I can see that the house will be heaving with trophies and medals by the time the boys reach adulthood….

When I was wee…

Today on Twitter is “when I was wee” avatar day, so in looking for an appropriate photo, I unearthed a few others I thought I might share:

Here is me trying to bust on on my baby sister’s day of glory – it was her christening. I’m the one taking charge of her head.

And here I am looking somewhat sceptical and slightly bemused about Lucy’s enthusiasm for the camera.

Here I am with my Nana and Lucy, in this very artily shot depiction of suburban Adelaide.  Note the feature pipe-work.

Apparently at kindergarten, no one warned me that it was photo day. Or suggested I should brush my hair. Loving the blue skivvy and corduroy dress look though. Classic 70s.

I’d learnt a little more about grooming for my first day of school with my tie and extremely short skirt. Not sure I had received the memo about shoe polishing though.

This is one of my all time favourite family photos. Our first visit to the snow. Our wellies filled with snow and we got cold wet feet and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the end of the day. Here I am though, in my little red hat, bravely putting my best smile on and determined to enjoy the event.

So these are a few of my favourite childhood photos – one day I will spend some time at my mother’s with a scanner getting them all digitally recorded before they fade and crack too much!

Maths night

One does have to love the fact that one’s children are excited by the prospect of ‘maths night’  – an annual event at school where family join with students to engage in an evening of maths. The boys were very excited.

So there were exercises with these things pictured above, called “numicons“. There were also a variety of games and puzzles, all requiring a bit of maths. There was also the excitement of the electronic whiteboard.

Don’t you wish you had one of these when you were at school?

Young Andrew as our consultant physicist came along (he had accompanied the boys last year), and after some inital time together, he and Sebastian ventured off to do the upper primary maths, while Jude and I hung out with the slightly easier stuff.

Anyway, all a bit of fun – and we will keep encouraging the viewing of maths as entertainment for as long as possible!

A Portrait of Cow

Zac captures his long loved favourite toy in portrait.

Oh, and himself.

Helicopters and, um, more helicopters

Once a year we have ADFA Open Day where James has to talk to prospective students, while small boys receive Compulsory Military Indoctrination. Well, perhaps not, but they do get to climb in helicopters and watch soldiers and other things that do tend to fascinate and delight the small ones – until they discover Gandhi or the peace movement of something. Which is of course likely to happen sooner rather than later in this household, so they might as well enjoy it while they can.

Helicopters were the main event this year.

Everyone got a turn at piloting the helicopters…

There was also riding in the back of helicopters, and asking the tough questions of helicopter navigators.

And all over again on other helicopters…

Eventually we ran out of helicopters. We wanted to go for a ride on the balloon, but there was a wait of over an hour, so we just got to admire it instead.

The boys also really enjoyed the simulated combat exercise while I just wondered at the fact the troops didn’t offer any medical assistance to the wounded enemy. Clearly they were all dead. Then we got to watch the Roulettes while eating sausages and bread, which is always a bit of fun. Especially as it was lovely and sunny.

Another ADFA Open Day successfully navigated.