More pudding – Chocolate Brownie Pudding

After much pouring over recipe books, Sebastian decided that our next pudding effort would be warm brownie puddings with chocolate sauce. These are individual puddings with lots of dark chocolate and a chocolate sauce to pour on top.

August 6August 3

Together we melted the chocolate and whipped up the batter. I think the more enjoyable moment for Sebastian involved the wooden spoon though…

The puddings went into their individual containers ready for cooking – chocolate, butter, flour, sugar and frangelico (who knew we had some in the house!).


And, after

They rose rather better than I expected and ended up very puffed up. which made the sauce logistically challenging, but not impossible.

So the sauce was made:

and the finished products served up to a grateful crowd.

I thought they were delicious, and while Sebastian didn't disagree, he found them a little rich and proposed that next time we should try with milk chocolate. They were consumed enthusiastically all round though.

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With Prossers, at park

August 19
August 16
August 22
August 24
August 29
August 48
August 54

Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny Canberra winter day, the small boys and I went to the park with Catherine and her small boys. That is a lot of small boys it must be said.

Anyhow, while the smaller subset of the boys played on the equipment, the two bigger boys wandered about exploring the pond and, as they slightly grandly titled them, wetlands. The exciting discovery of the day was the rushes, and the fact that they explode into gigantic balls of fluff when dry and poked.

Sebastian and Jude took us all on a guided tour of the wetlands before we headed home as the sun began to set, and the cold set in.

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Farmers Market!

Zachary and I took advantage of the beautiful sunny Canberra winter morning to ride up to the farmers' market. Well, I did the pedalling, while Zachary reclined in the back of the trailer. I hadn't ridden there before, but it was a very pleasant 20 minute ride.

We stopped for a chocolate cupcake and awaited for Jasmin's arrival – keeping the macaroon salespeople in sight as we knew it would be her first stop.

August 12August 14

After hot chocolates it was off around to buy lots of vegetables and fruit. I love all the apples and pears, potatoes covered in dirt and delicious baby carrots. Not to forget the green green leaves and the giant pumpkins. We bought up our supplies which would fit in the trailer, bid Jasmin a farewell, then headed on home.

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Healthy Bones Breakfast

This week, Turner Primary School had a "Healthy Bones Breakfast" encouraging the consumption of more calcium and fruit as well as exercise. Jude and Sebastian and I went along for cereal, yoghurt, cheese and fruit.

Of course, it was jolly cold , but the sun came out a tiny little bit and we didn't completely freeze!

August 2August 5

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A Pudding Odyssey Begins

Sebastian loves pudding. He particularly loves my individual caramel puddings, and the two lemon/citrus puddings James and I make. So we have decided together to explore the world of puddings further together.

Our first outing was Jamie Oliver's King Of Puddings. Jam, custardy bread and meringue. We were out of white bread but found that the wholegrain actually made an interestingly textured but good substitute. And the meringuey bit was delicious. Even with the meringue, it was quite a simple recipe and so we whipped it up for dessert on Monday.

Sebastian and I were the most pleased with the result -  Sebastian had it for three nights running for dessert before it ran out, and I must admit that I actually had it for breakfast on day 2.

So we declare our first pudding experiment a success.

Adventures in pudding 2Adventures in pudding 3Adventures in pudding 4

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Lemon and coconut slice

Today's baking effort. Sebastian helped me and we took the recipe from the August edition of Delicious. However, we were without the limes of the recipe, so we decided to opt for lemon instead. Which worked fabulously. I haven't made slices for ages, so good to find a relatively straightforward recipe that can be thrown together with stuff already in the pantry.

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Wet Sunday afternoon

Wet sunday 10
Wet sunday 11
Wet sunday 20
Wet sunday 18
Wet sunday 23
Wet sunday 24

It is a cold wet winter afternoon in Canberra – rainy and dark and not at all weather for venturing outside.

And…the central heating has stopped working. We think the fan has busted. Of course, none of the service people could come out today. In fact most of them didn't even answer the phone. We've dragged out our oil heaters and borrowed a couple from Jasmin, and have been baking and roasting with the oven and have managed to keep the main part of the house pretty warm.

Boys have spent the day drawing (Zac can write his name now!) and playing with their Pokemon cards, watching a program about Pluto, playing on the various Nintendo devices and helping with the cooking. Zachary also did some photography, the highlights of which you can see to the left. James and I have been equally pottering; I for one had a mild hangover to deal with after a lovely dinner party out at friends last night (sans children).

Hopefully tomorrow the sun might shine, or at least the heater repair man might show!

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