Pudding adventures: Chocolate orange pudding

I have two copies of this same recipe in different books, and had always thought it looked interesting, so was quite enthusiastic when Sebastian suggested it as our next option. Alas, our baking was dogged with problems from early on.

August 23August 24August 25

The initial melting of the butter and chocolate went smoothly enough – it was only later I discovered that I hadn't read the recipe properly and we had used butter which was intended for another part of the recipe in this part. Oh well.

Sebastian was then stirring together the flour and the cocoa powder when….whoops…the plastic jug slipped off the bench and all over the floor.

Sebastian then cleaned it all up.

August 27August 31

Of course, we had used the last of the cocoa, and we weren't going to reuse what had fallen on the floor. So someone had to go to the shop to get some more. Sebastian and I had, over the previous week, been talking about when he and Jude might be able to walk to school, or go to the shops, by themselves. So this doubled as the big moment of Sebastian's first solo trip to the shop.

As it is only a seven minute walk either way, he was back before I could fret. He even managed to ask for assistance to get the cocoa off a shelf he couldn't reach.

After that distraction, it was back to the cooking.

August 34August 36

We finally got it into the pudding basin as directed.

However, we were out of alfoil and really a second trip to the shop really wasn't in order, so we just made do with baking paper on top.

There was opportunity for Sebastian's favourite part of baking though.

By now our timeframes were completely shot and then got further extended as the pudding really didn't seem ready after 2 and a half hours of boiling. Sebastian went to bed with a promise he could try if he was still awake when it was ready.

After 4 hours or thereabouts, even though it still seemed less than completely cooked, I got it out of the basin.

Cutting it open, it actually looked quite recipe-accurate…

And it tasted fine. Sebastian really liked it, I was less wild about it. I think the orange needed more boiling in its skin mostly.

I don't know whether it was the additional butter which made it need to cook for so long, or the lack of alfoil which meant the top kept fairly damp, or whether it was just that the recipe underestimated the time. However, if we choose to make this one again, I think we will be leaving ourselves plenty of wiggle room!

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