Scientific birthday

Birthday 7
Birthday 26
Birthday 34
Sunday 3

For Sebastian's birthday party we headed to Questacon witha few of his friends, in line with Sebastian's current science focus. It was our first non-home birthday party, and turned out to be a good, and not too expensive, birthday party locale.

After a couple of hours in Questacon we headed outside to the new lawn area and had party food, running around games, presents and, of course, the cake. The cake was my own invention trying to reflect the whole science thing. Not sure there is a chemical which meets the formula, but it tasted good!

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Football under a bleak Yass sky

June 27
June 28
June 32

It was cold and damp and grey, but Sebastian, Zac and I managed the trip out to Yass where Sebastian was playing with the Ainslie U8s. A long way to go for a football match youmight say, but we only have to do it once a season, and I guess the kids from Yass have to do it every week, so I can't complain too much.

Sebastian played well, got a couple of excellent kicks and proved himself by going in for the hard ball. He could probbaly speed up his disposal though. Zac amused himself by running about.

Sebastian's hard work was rewarded when he got the best player for his team award at the end of the match, and the three of us warmed ourselves up for the trip back with hot chips from the chicken shop in the Yass main street.

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Brunch at the National Library

A lovely sunny public holiday so we rode with the boys around the lake to the National Library for brunch in the cafe.

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Pyjama Zacky

Solo cooking

Seb's birthday dinner 4
Seb's birthday dinner 11
Seb birthday dinner 3
Seb's birthday dinner 13
Seb's birthday dinner 15
Seb's birthday dinner 23
Seb's birthday dinner 29

Part of the birthday ritual is the dinner for grandparents, godparent-equivalents and other grown up friends to celebrate birthdays with small boys. It is always the birthday boy's choice of food.

Sebastian chose noodle and wonton soup, so there were various other Asian accompaniements to go with it like spare ribs, satays and steamed buns.

For entrees though, Sebastian took on the challenge of making an entire dish from start to finish – chickpea dip on pita bread toasts.

While he was (closely) supervised, he chopped, blended, cut and served all by himself.

And the results – delicious!

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Two boys, their grandmother and some bubbles

Sebastian chef

Sebastian does the preparation for his favourite scallop dish.

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