Zacky moves up

Up until now, Zachary has been pulled along in comfort in the trailer en route to childcare (and anywhere else we go on bikes). However, this week we discovered that one of the wheels to the trailer is rather bent out shape and in need of repair. Of course, this is not easy as Trek no longer make the same doodlebug trailer and therefore they don't have any wheels available and so on and so forth, so the bike shop people are probably going to rebuild the wheel for us. Which will of course take time. Not being able to ride Zacky to childcare makes us more reliant on the car, so james decided it was time to see if he was ready for the trailing bike.

And indeed he was. Made it safely to childcare and back on Friday, and seemed to quite enjoy the experience. Here he is on his first voyage.

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Saturday hockey

Saturday mornings until then end of August are devoted to Sebastian and Jude's hockey. Last week I went along to help with the sausage and cake stall and be a good hockey mum.

James coaches Jude's team – he was playing while I was serving sausage sandwiches.

Sebastian in action.

Zac is sure to be follwing in his brothers' footsteps soon enough. He was trying out his own stick and ball skills while Seb was playing.

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Jude in the news

Sunday's Canberra Times

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Cross Country

Because he came second in the school cross country for his year group, Sebastian got to compete in the North Canberra district final. This was a source of much excitement and anticipation.

While not managing a win, Sebastian ran well and managed to come solidly in the centre of the field. But msot of all, it was fun.

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It was the first really cold day of the year, and so of course a day for football practice.

Sebastian, in his shiny new yellow boots practiced with the under 8s.

May 11May 9

Jude got into it with the mob of young Auskickers, and managed a few decent kicks.

And even Zac ran around enthusiastically (if unofficially) finding balls and managing something which was a combination of rugby and soccer.

May 15May 16

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Trains and cooperation

One time the boys will tend to work together is the construction of train tracks. I believe this one was primarily Jude's work.

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