The boys love a quiet spot of drawing their many and varied interests. There are ships and tie fighters and rainbows and houses and, from Zac, very abstract crocodlies. But they can never find the red texta….


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Sydney Day Trip

On Canberra Day we took the boys for a day trip to Sydney, primarily to take them to the the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art which James and I had been to in January.

Our first stop was Stanley Street and Bill and Toni's for lunch. From there we walked down to Circular Quay.

The boys, not used to bodies of water the size of Sydney Harbour, enjoyed watching the ferries come in. Especially Zac.

From there we walked around to the MCA.

March 9March 10March 12

The Eliasson exhibition is, from my point of view, primarily about perception and shapes and colour. The first room, which we knew the boys would love, was filled with over a tonne of white lego, which visitors were free to build with. Once a construction is complete, it is displayed around the edge of the room. From time to time, these constructions get broken down and returned to the pool of lego. We all got very busy. Sebastian made the pyramid pictured above, while James built a pirate ship and Jude wrote his name in large letters. Zac and I built a castle.

March 14March 15March 16March 17March 18March 19

Another room in the exhibition featured a semi circular wall which projected light through the entire colour spectrum. Zac and I spent some time enjoying its changing colours.

There were a range of other rooms with exhibits which were all interesting and exciting. James and my favourite remains the black room with a single light illuminating a mist of water  – the changing rainbow colours held the same fascination of staring deep into a fire. I also loved the entire wall of living reindeer moss. Anyway, if you are in Sydney before 11 April, I highly recommend the exhibition. I enjoyed it the second time as much as the first.

After the exhibition, it was time for some hanging out about Circular Quay. And some ice cream.

March 21March 26March 27March 29

The Royal Copenhagen icecream choice ended up being pretty unsuccessful. Rejected by Sebastian out right, ice creams swapped between Jude and Zac and still Jude was not satisfied….What do you have to do for these boys?

We then started to wander back to Stanley Street, where the car had been left. Sebastian decided we had to go through the Botanical Gardens so we could find the bats, about which he had seen a news report on ABC 3 news.

March 38March 42March 46

It took a little while before we saw the bats, but when we did there were plagues. Everywhere. The boys thought this was fantastically exciting.

There were other things in the gardens though…

March 51March 53March 54March 55March 56

..and Zac liked the opportunity to try out the old fashioned water fountain.

It was then back to Bar Reggio where we met Auntie Katie for dinner before driving home again. Sebastian stubbornly resisted falling asleep, while it took total dark and medieval music to send the other two off to the land of nod, despite the over full day.

March 59March 61

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Who couldn’t love this face?

Atlas Ethiopian!

Atlas ethiopian 2Atlas ethiopian 1Atlas ethiopian 3

Time to mix together the spices – it was time for Atlas Ethiopian – which meant, of course, berbere and lots of it.

Atlas ethiopian also had the sad purpose of farwelling Burke and Cat who have now returned to the west. As usual, a lot of food formed part of that farewell.

Atlas ethiopian 6Atlas ethiopian 7Atlas ethiopian 9

  As Atlas Ethiopian was a lunchtime event, the children took advantage and spent their time running about and freaking out the chooks. They also got to eat outside.

Meanwhile, the adults got busy inside.

Atlas ethiopian 11Atlas ethiopian 13Atlas ethiopian 14Atlas ethiopian 15Atlas ethiopian 16Atlas ethiopian 17Atlas ethiopian 18Atlas ethiopian 19Atlas ethiopian 21

Atlas ethiopian 4Atlas ethiopian 5

We had two very different and both delicious versions of doro wat, lentil curry, black eyed peas curry, tiny little biscuits spiced with cayenne, honey bread, beef curry and other dishes I seem to have forgotten. But delicious! And Rachel managed to make injera though without teff and with buckwheat instead, and without fermenting it for a week. But delicious still.

So Ethiopian was a success and we bid goodbye to Cat and Burke, but not the Atlas concept!

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Sand castles

At the end of summer, Sebastian and Jude enjoy the still warm weather to build some impressive constructions in the sand pit. They use water to make a volcano – nothing better than water, sand and sunshine.

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