Adelaide Odyssey: Day 2

Dateline: 26 January

Slow start to the morning for us. Pottered about. In contrast, Andrew was up at the crack of dawn and, clearly unused to the whole early morning travel thing, at the airport about an hour before the flight, and worse still, before the coffee was available.

In separate activities, James and Andrew and Sebastian and my parents all headed off to the cricket. James and Andrew had pretty good seats in the stand which were in shade for much of the day. Cricket wasn't as exciting as it could be, but there were some good bits.

In team two, Jude, Zachary and I met up with Rachel, Steve and Shell for a spot of lunch at Al Frescos. We then wandered down to Rymill Park and the playground there. We lay about in the shade while someone took turns playing with Zac in the sun drenched playground. Jude decided to take a series of photos of water bottles, which we might display here later once he has a chance to curate it. In the meantime, here is an example.

After a pleasant sojourn in the park, Rachel, the small boys and I headed off to the movies to see The Princess and The Frog leaving Steve and Shell to their own devices. A bit of classic Disney which the boys seemed to enjoy (although Jude thought there was a bit too much kissing), even if did follow a well-worn American-dream rags-to-riches scenario. But not unenjoyable.

I then took boys home via the pizza shop, while Rachel went off to, amongst other things, collect Jasmin from the airport.  And thus, the full complement of our touring party had safely arrived.

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Adelaide Odyssey: Day 1

Dateline: 25 January

Early in the morning we load up the car and head off across the country. Choosing to drive on a Monday surrounded by a weekend and a public holiday appeared to be an excellent idea as there were very few cars and almost no trucks at all on the road. Driving with only one child was also excellent. It must be said that when you are spending nearly 12 hours in the car in a day, it is a good thing if your child is a television addict who is more than content watching DVDs the entire day. Where were these things when we were children? Not to mention car airconditioning….

In what seemed to be record time, we made it door-to-door in almost exactly 12.5 hours (and the compulsory McDonalds breakfast stop  meant we didn't really get out of Canberra til 2omins or so from departure time.

Rachel was similarly quick in her trek across the country, about half an hour behind us. Steve and Shell made it in much faster time by taking a plane….

Anyway, it was nice to be reunited with Jude and Sebastian after there two week sojourn with grandparents.
And that fiirst beer after the car trip – priceless.

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Chocolate ice cream by the lake

James, Rachel, Zacky and I went for a ride and a picnic today (although Zacky didn't do any pedalling – he got to travel in style in the trailer). Rachel and I are now in training for our 60km ride at the end of March. But there is no reason why one can't enjoy it as well…

Photos care of Zac and me (and it is Zac's finger, not mine!):

Lake 1Lake 3Lake 4Lake 5Lake 6Lake 10

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Nemo and Nemo, ready for the pool

Guitar hero

Reading together

Andrew provides some godfather-equivalent assistance.

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