Family & Community Day by Sebastian and Zachary

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yesterday while for the rest of the country it was officially Melbourne Cup day, here is in Canberra its title was "Family and Community Day". And we had a public holiday, which was lovely.

To make the most of a midweek day off and the arrival of sunshine, it was over to Steve and Shell's for a bbq.

Between them Zachary and Sebastian captured the afternoon in photos.

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So normally we aren't very big on Halloween, both here in Australia and here in our household. But this year the conjunction of the 31 October being on a Saturday night and having recently moved, led Jasmin to host a Halloween party. And let's face it, we quite like dressing up. Any opportunity really. So this was all rather fun.

Halloween 4Halloween 5

Zombies are very popular in our house. Amongst the grown ups anyway. So it was really inevitable that someone would dress up that way. James did much research to make appropriate gory wounds and it all ended up involving liquid latex, tissue and bits of plastic. Oh, and lots of make up.

I decided to stick with the traditional, and made myself into a witch. More Bellatrix than Wicked Witch of the West given I went with the white base rather than the green…

Sebastian and Jude were torn between skeletons and pirates, so we ended up with a compromise and went for skeletal pirates. And Zachary just wanted to be a knight, although as he later told us he was Anakin Skywalker, I think he got his knights in shining armour confused with his Jedi knights!

The party was much fun with Rachel as a pink fairy, Andrew Dr Horrible, Steve a cowboy (leading to a number of cowboy VS pirate incidents), Shell as Sandii and other Andrew as Neo. Our hostess was a feisty pirate wench. We got eaten by mosquitos but nonethless there was much making of the merry, until it became clear that Zac was not going to submit to the watch-tv-til-you-fall-asleep trick, and we figured we had better drag him home about 11pm or face the consequences of the ridiculously overtired 3 year old all the next day. As it was, he woke at 6.30am, watched Monsters Inc through twice before his parents got up and was then beside himself with cranky tiredness til he went back to bed for a 4 and a half hour nap at 11.30am!

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