Crashing out on the couch after a big day at childcare. This is pretty much how I wish I could be every day Zac when you put on The Clone Wars.

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Tonight was the Turner Primary School art exhibition….

Jude and his pottery

Sebastian and his hand.

Congratulations to the staff at Turner who do an excellent job of setting up the exhibition in way which makes it a real pleasure to visit.

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Atlas: Vietnam

November stuff24
November stuff23
November stuff22
November stuff25
November stuff27
November stuff26
November stuff28
November stuff30
November stuff32
November stuff33
November stuff34
November stuff35
November stuff36
November stuff37

Another opportunity for international cuisine, this time Vietnam.

As usual the food was excellent – and the hot weather led to the appropriate background atmosphere.

We started with rice paper rolls and then Rachel fulfilled her role of bringing us the dumplings of the world with a delightful steamed Vietnamese version.

From there it was to a profusion of food including a roast chicken, BBQed chicken and chilli and lemongrass chicken, rice pancakes with prawns other deliciousness and caramel pork.

Dessert featured coconut creme caramel and chocolate fudge.


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Another new cousin

Sarah & simon bbq5Sarah & simon bbq27Sarah & simon bbq35Sarah & simon bbq39

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet baby Imogen properly at Sarah and Simon's house.

Of course, it also provided the opportunity for other fun activities as well…

Sarah & simon bbq6Sarah & simon bbq13Sarah & simon bbq15

various forms of swinging were popular

Sarah & simon bbq33Sarah & simon bbq27Sarah & simon bbq19

…and who can resist some jedi fighting?

A lovely way to spend a late afternoon.

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Aren’t you a bit short….?

What more could a small boy want than a walking, talking storm trooper?

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Zac bakes a cake

I love it when they are old enough that their help is actually helpful!

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Family & Community Day by Sebastian and Zachary

Bbq 1
Bbq 2
Bbq 3
Bbq 4
Bbq 5
Bbq 7
Bbq 8
Bbq 9
Bbq 10
Bbq 11
Bbq 12
Bbq 13
Bbq 14
Bbq 15

yesterday while for the rest of the country it was officially Melbourne Cup day, here is in Canberra its title was "Family and Community Day". And we had a public holiday, which was lovely.

To make the most of a midweek day off and the arrival of sunshine, it was over to Steve and Shell's for a bbq.

Between them Zachary and Sebastian captured the afternoon in photos.

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