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Inspired by James' current hockey playing, Sebastian and Jude have started Minkey – mini hockey – on Tuesday afternoons.

They do some drills and training, and then have a game or two.

They are both very enthusiastic about it, and, actually, not too bad and manage a fair bit of ball control. Jude just needs to concentrate a bit more.

On Tuesday they ended up playing each other. While Sebastian's team ended up winning, this was hardl a surprise given that his team average a head height taller than Jude's – and this was jsut a random selection. And Jude took it all in good part.

This week Zachary and I went along with James to watch the boys. Unsurprisingly, Zac was not satisfied with watching alone, and wanted to play himself. At first he was satisfied with hitting the ball around with me at one end of the field. After a while of that though, he decided he wanted to be on the field with the others, leading me to have to retrieve him several times…. But let it be said, Zac himself can hit a ball quite handily, so there is a possible hockey future in his not-so-distant future as well.

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Zachary Bedtime Update: 27 October 2009

Toys in bed: Big cow, blue cow, Batman, Dinosaur book, large blue elephant, police helicopter with assault squad of lego clone troopers, grenade launcher, nerf gun. (we were spared the new ladybird boots which had featured the previous night).

Went to sleep wearing: two t-shirts, pyjama pants, chainmail helm. Oddly, I felt compelled to remove this when I came and checked on him.

Bedtime stories: The Very Hungry Catepillar  and a Words book. We know much of the hungry catepillar by heart and love the butterfly transformation.

Comments: Tonight, generally cooperative. Engaging in some clone combat when left to go to sleep

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