War Memorial outing



A visit to the Australian War Memorial is always a popular outing with the big boys, and I think this visit was the first time that Zac really enjoyed it as well. As you can see from above, the planes in the aircraft hall quickly got his attention.

We all enjoyed the current display of World War I aircraft in ANZAC Hall. Not sure being a pilot would have been my first choice at that stage in history.

Sebastian was keen to staying for the Striking by Night show, but Jude finds it a little bit much, so he and James went to make a head start on Vietnam. Zac stayed with us, but as the sound and light went on, Piggy got a bit scared and so went and sat away from the action a little. I of course find it unbearably sad – the whole War Memorial in fact – the idea of so many people who died and continue to die in war. It is so hard to conceive how humans can continue to do this to each other, and just such a horrible tragic waste.

Anyway…. We went and saw the helicopters in the Vietnam area and Zachary literally hit the deck early in the helicopter sound-and-light show – as soon as an explosion went off, he knew where it was safest. It was then their chance to pilot a helicopter themselves in the Discovery zone – and in Zac and Sebastian's case to try out sleeping in submarine bunks as well.

It was then time for a nice walk back through the gardens to the car – except for one small problem – Zachary refused to be parted from the helicopter. He was very committed to piloting it – switches and buttons and the joystick and everything.

In the end he was very unceremoniously carried from the building, and you can see below his displeasure at having to leave. I think he'll be happy to go back again.


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