Zachary Bed Time Update: 31 August

Toys in bed: 2 nerf guns, one laser gun, one giant Scoop, a Little People plane, plastic crocodile head with moveable jaws, plastic lion with rotatable mane, dump truck, Blue Cow, Big Cow, Dog-o-Phone, Fisher Price Little People dump truck, large helicopter, plastic golf club holder he likes to wear on his back and a sword.


Went to sleep clutching: nothing (unusually)


Comments: some music playing until later in the evening on the Dog-o-Phone. Usual demands for cuddles along with a "How many times…" statement.

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Sunday afternoon BBQ


So there was soccer played, cars driven, bikes ridden, food eaten, wine drunk and good times had by all.

Meat was excellent, salads were good and even the dessert experiment (blood orange tart) turned out well.

Small boys were tired out, as were the adults who got sucked into the soccer.

The weather wasn't as good as hoped, but it didn't start to rain til it was time to move inside, so we all coped. At least it wasn't cold.

But who says there is any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with plenty of friends, family, food and drink?

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Craft before brunch


Sebastian and Jude decided to do some craft work – making shields and other knight paraphenalia. No adult help required.

Now proudly displayed on bedroom doors. Sebastian was even interpreting the heraldry for me.


Meanwhile, Zac isn't a shield maker – he's a sword wielder!

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Jude Connor, Skeleton Hunter

Saturday afternoon on Maisy’s farm


Zachary's love of Maisy has found a new outlet with his book which converts into a farm.

Much entertainment to be gained from setting up the farm, with particular attention paid to the piggies, of course.

Today's favourite animal though was the foal. Zacky demanded I get the foal out and then there was much excitement. The duckies also were much loved.

It is going to be a sad day when the enduring love of Maisy has ended. All the boys have loved Maisy – although the love has escalated and peaked with Zachary. I guess it is only another year or so before she loses her shine to Star Wars and bakugans, but in the meantime we get to enjoy the brightly coloured delights of Lucy Cousins.

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Zacky and his sword (light sabre)

In between each of these shots there was a jump forward and a demand to see the photo…then a demand to take another photo with his sword. At least he wasn't off with his laser gun, back against the wall, demanding that his troops "fall back!"

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Wasteland of lego

Sometimes, the wasteland of lego can be a fearsome sight. At least small boys are getting better trained to tidy it up themselves, with much groaning and protesting of course.

And here are some of the activities which led to such a mess.


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Disturbing flowers

Zac couldn't understand there being flowers on the floor. It was weird. Very weird. Dada made them. We had to clean them up.  Or not step on them.

(and he is now standing next to me, looking at the picture, and again talking obsessively of the flowers-on-the-ground)

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It is good to be thin…

…because when you want to sulk you can fit into all sorts of tiny spaces.

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Sunday at the park


Sunday, the big boys were at the hockey with James, Zac decided not to nap, so in order to stave off the inevitable demands for the 476th viewing of The Clone Wars Zac and I went for a wander to the park.

The wander was very slow at first. Ever five minutes Zac stopped to take a phone call from Bob. The conversation went like this:

"Hi Bob" pause "How is everything going at your building site?" pause "Really, good seeya"

After about the sixth such conversation, I suggested that perhaps we could wait and talk to Bob once we got to the park.

Usual park fun ensued…


…and Zac was very grateful when I caught him on the flying fox. "thank you for rescuing me!"

And no park visit is complete without saying hello to the ducks!


Fortunately, Bob seemed able to deal with his building site issues himself after a while, and we got to walk home uninterrupted.

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