A pirate came home from after-school care…

…but was soon chased away by a knight.

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Quick thinking modern children

So last night I was admiring some new D&D figures that James had bought, in particular a new unicorn for Frala (that's my D&D alter ego. The unicorn's name is Fion). Sebastian noted my attention to it.

Sebastian: do you loooove that unicorn, Me-Me.

Me: Yes, I do Sebastian.

Sebastian: Do you love it so much you're gonna marry it?

At this, of course, I had to take the opportunity to disabuse Sebastian of the need to get married. Quoth I:

No, Sebastian, I'm not going to marry anyone because I believe that marriage is an outdated and patria….

At this point, Sebastian cuts me off…

Sebastian: Well, do you love it so much you are going to choose to spend your life with it?

That left me come-backless. At least he's learnt something from the rhetoric.

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Tidbinbilla Sunday


On Sunday morning when we arrived at Tidbinbilla, there were still kangaroos grazing on the picnic grounds. So the small boys played in the adventure playground, and adventured up to the top of the hill – first with parents, then alone – which caused parents some small measure of concern as we could see them waving from on high,

And then those who were without children turned up, and we moved to the BBQ phase of the day. Despite the cold and threatening sky, there were still quite a number of people there, but we had bagged ourselves some tables and made good use of the BBQs to cook up and endless parade of sausages and other delights.


After lunch and more playground time, a small party went off for a walk around the Eucalypt enclosure. We didn't spot any koalas, but Shell taught the boys about circles in the logs, we saw interesting fungus and were surprised by just how much bushfire damage was still evident, even 6 years on.


During our wander the rain set in, so by the time we got back to the picnic ground, everyone had relocated to under cover.


Everyone, except Zac, who decided to continue his play in the park, with predictable results.


The rain didn't stop the last football play, as Sebastian and Martin kicked it around for a bit.


Finally it was time to go home – or at least back to our house where the hordes came for soup and bread.

Zac, however, had had such a good time he didn't want to go – and had to be carried, literally kicking and screaming, back to the car by Andrew. Obviously the measure of a good day!

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Zac’s new furniture

James finished painting Zac's bed and bookcase to match his chest of drawers this week, so Zac finally has all big boy furniture now. Sebastian lent a hand setting it up while Zac mostly got in the way in his excitement. So far, no falling out of the big bed….

Zac's room2Zac's room1Zac's room4Zac's room6

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Zac wasn't feeling too good Sunday morning, so spent a bit of time on the couch watching the television.

Sebastian and Jude were outside – and started by spending some time making the endless sets of plaster bricks needed for the construction of the pirate fortress. 15 sets certainly tests the attention span of your average 7 year old. But progress is being made.

Eventually the action shifted to the sandpit after a bit of bike riding. Jude is still building his skills on Sebastian's old bike, and would be riding fine if he just actually tried….

Much digging was undertaken.

Zachary decided to emerge for a bit of driving once the nurofen kicked in.

Lovely sunny Sunday.

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Train makers

Jude comes up with the concept

And Sebastian helps him bring it to completion


All there own planning and ideas (and note the small red train wheels attached to the side)


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Zacky’s party

So Zachary got to celebrate his big 3 birthday with a party on Sunday.

The cake had been a matter of clear choice for quite some time. He wanted the pig cake.


So once it had been produced, he spent most of the time prior to the party staring at it on the table, or showing it to his pig and cows, or discussing it with his brothers.

But eventually the party started, and more interesting things like presents began to distract him.

…and Sebastian even got lucky with the arrival of a late birthday present.

Then it was on to the party activities. We started with a festival of painting in the backyard.

Zac's birthday party 009Zac's birthday party 011Zac's birthday party 012Zac's birthday party 013Zac's birthday party 014Zac's birthday party 016

Fortunately most of the paint did seem to stay on the paper, rather than each other or clothes, although Ryan got accidentally creatively with the walking through the paintings approach.

It was then on to some rather chaotic musical chairs and musical statues….

Zac's birthday party 019Zac's birthday party 022

Running around was clearly the winner – as chocolate, the bushes and parents acted as significant distractions for the competitors.

And what party would be complete without a feast?

Zac's birthday party 024Zac's birthday party 026Zac's birthday party 027Zac's birthday party 028

Zac's birthday party 031Zac's birthday party 038

More playing, more presents and some general standing about by adults

Zac's birthday party 029Zac's birthday party 030Zac's birthday party 036Zac's birthday party 044

before the fun (adult) game of "cuddle the new baby" got into full swing.

Zac's birthday party 033Zac's birthday party 043

Finally, it was time for the cake's moment of glory.

Zac's birthday party 046Zac's birthday party 047Zac's birthday party 048

Happy birthday Zac – and farewell Connor-McEwen party season until next year…. Phew!

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