Iron Chef: Swine

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The world is (not quite) panicking about swine flu. Time to take action! Our course, to eat as much pig-related cuisine as one could fit in in an evening.

Our contribution included crackling, roast pork and a variety of entrees some of which involved pork belly….

Argentina 34Argentina 35Argentina 38Argentina 39Argentina 45Argentina 43

Chorizo Pups, pork and sweet potato sandwiches and little creations with plum sauce on deep fried wonton wrappers made up the range of tempting morsels that james produced for entree. These were supplemented by the fabulous prawns wrapped in proscuttio supplied by Steve and Michelle.

Argentina 41Argentina 42

Then it was time to sit down for the main feast. In addition to the roast pork with crackling, there was caesar salad (me), creamed corn with bacon (Rachel – a delicious repeat from Iron Chef Southern USA), chorizo salad (Steve and Shell), pork vindaloo (young Andrew), pork belly in shiraz sauce (Jasmin), shredded pork (Rachel – this time a remnant of Cuba), potatoes and bacon (Jasmin), pizza and the infamous meatza (Andrew V).

Argentina 46Argentina 48Argentina 49Argentina 53Argentina 54Argentina 56

Argentina 57Argentina 58Argentina 60Argentina 61Argentina 62Argentina 63

For those of you wondering what a meatza might be – basically a pizza with a base made of pork mince rather than dough!

All was delicious – and you know there is too much food when there is crackling left over at the end of the meal.

But wait, there's more…

Argentina 30Argentina 31

Argentina 68Argentina 70Argentina 71Argentina 72Argentina 73

Jasmin made some fabulous pig shaped cupcakes – no pig inside, but very much with the theme. However, not content with this approximation of pig in the dessert, Rachel whipped up two varieties of ice cream – coffee and crackling and egg and (candied) bacon.

Argentina 74Argentina 75Argentina 76

Like other odd icecreams of the past, they were not ones you would necessarily eat by the container while watching Grey's Anatomy, but they were tasty. And our record of maintaining dessert against all odds in continued!

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Prime lamb

Atlas – Argentina

Argentina 1
Argentina 10
Argentina 9
Argentina 8
Argentina 7
Argentina 6
Argentina 5
Argentina 4
Argentina 3
Argentina 2

On Sunday we gathered for a lunch time Atlas session, as finding an evening date had proved impossible. Country of choice:  Argentina.

As one would predict, there was a lot of beef in evidence.  And potato. But it was all delicious. There were a couple of varieties of empanadas, a beef stew with beef that was totally falling apart, an Argentinian version of shephards pie which was fabulous and black beans.  We also had seared beef with chimmichurri parsley salsa.

To finish off, Rachel had produced a magnificent Argentine flan, which we all thought looked too good to eat, but, what the hell, we ate it anyway.

We didn't quite manage Argentine wine, but did have some from Chile. But it must be said, the lunchtime experiment was quite successful – plenty of time for grazing over the massive amount of food. Then it was left over empanadas for dinner.

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Meeting the new niece

Had the privilege of meeting my new niece, Emilie Grace Elizabeth Kilsby, earlier this week. She's lovely!

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Jude and Zac capture the world…and mostly each other

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June 4
June 6
June 9
June 10
June 20
June 21
June 23

Adding to the number of highly unflattering photos there are of me in the world, Jude and Zachary have been taking photos again.

There subjects range widely, but generally return to people. You'll note that in Zac's case, this includes Little People. Other subjects include the leaves in Jude's mystery box he took for Show and Tell on Friday (Jude), Sebastian's light sabre and the breakfast table. Not to mention the consumption of breakfast.

Ah, the wonders of digital photography.

June 26June 27June 32June 44June 34June 42

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Ryan turns 2


So the small boys went along to celebrate.

Due to the cold, the party was transfered to the warmer indoor environs of the Isabella Plains community house.

The indoor play equipment was fun, and Zac loved sitting in the zebra tent. The balloons were also a hit, until they kept bursting.

The cake was a stand-out Thomas the Tank engine, created by Sarah the night before using one of Ryan's toys as a guide.

Happy birthday!

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Doctoral socks

I am wearing my new doctoral socks made for me by Rachel. Why, one might ask. Well, yesterday the news came from my superviser that my thesis had passed with no corrections. so as of about 5pm yesterday, I am officially Dr McEwen, holder of a PhD in history. Hurrah!

My official paperwork should all come in the next week or so, and my graduation is not until December, but I have still been admitted to the degree and therefore am entitled to the socks. And the title. And the three or so bottle of sparkling red that got drank last night.

Of course, after all these years of study, I can't completely leave the cultural analysis alone. So one of my ways of weaning mysefl off has been to start another blog which is devoted to my need to muse about these things. Please come and visit Godard's Letterboxes. One day I'll explain the name.

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