The petty bourgeoisie of the future

Sebastian and Jude have found much entertainment this weekend in setting up their own shops and selling their books and other wares to each other and us for pretend money.

Jude utilised his bed to display his wares…

while Sebastian chose a corner of his room. Note the order amongst Sebastian's display, with Roald Dahl, castles, chapter books and pirate books being amongst his categories,

They did demand the purchases made back, and would only pay about $1 for returns…and some of their sense of price was a little distorted. One was often obliged to buy a second item with the first for some exorbitant amount, so there is some shopkeeper hard-sell potential there.

Eventually though, all shopkeepers like to relax with a little chess…

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Zac photographs his brothers

capturing the essence of Jude

and only a glimpse of Sebastian

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A boy, a bear

company while watching tv

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Eurovision 2009



So OK, by now we all know the result, Norway won by the proverbial country mile. We didn't understand it, and there was general dismay as they kept get 12 votes after 12 votes. Did Europe buy the pre publicity that had Norway as the favourite? Was voting dominated by 13 year olds who all had a thing for the slightly-Zac-Efron-like munchkin who was singing? Did everyone just like the idea of it al being like the eponymous "fairytale"? Had there been a pre-competition get together amongst broadcasters determining that it was now time for the Scandanavian bloc to get its day in the sun before we return back to the Slavic or Baltic states next year? All the questions will no doubt go unanswered, but we all left a little sadder for the lack of tension and somewhat blah result on the night.

Nonetheless, it was another good Eurovision night. As hosts we were Russia, with a bit of Spainish thrown in. In the Russian persona, we discovered that there is a vegan subsitute for caviar which I, all unwittingly, had picked up at the delicatessan. We were, however, very impressed by the faux salmon roe – it even had the 'pop' factor working for it. There was real caviar as well though.

Countries represented at the feasting included Armenia, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece and Switzerland. There was, as usual, much excellent food. And wine. And company.

As for the acts, my favourite was Moldova for the sequinned folk dress and happy tone. Our other favourites included the wackiness of the Ukraine and its centurions, the sky dolphins from the pretty-but-bland Iceland, Armenia – the women liked the costume and the men liked the leg on display, Portugal for its happy up-temponess and France for going back to its very Edith Piaf-essentially-Frenchness. Russia was a bit disturbing. As was Germany, but for very different reasons. Clearly the voting showed that the random celebrity appearance from Dita von Teese did not play well with the Eurovision audience.

We also found the water-dancing in the interval a might odd.

Star power obviously had some impact as England had pulled more votes after the first five countries voted than we had seen over the last six or seven years of Eurovision watching. But no one was prying victory from Norway. Oh well, the victories haven't gone the way of the room since Lordi, but there is always next year.

*Zachary took the photos at the end of the night


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Toilet cleaning

After a recent Zachary visit to the toilet, the sounds of splashing were heard emanating from the smallest room in the house. Zachary had taken it upon himself to clean up after himself. Can't fault someone who takes to toilet hygeine early I guess.

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Sebastian sends his first email


Sebastian and Jude have just finished watching the first three (in order of production, episode number)) Star Wars films and are very keen to see the others. Particularly the one with Darth Maul (or Dark Maul, as Jude likes to call him). So I suggested that perhaps their Uncle Sam might have them. After some discussion, Sebastian decided to send him an email.

Between the difficulty in finding the right letters on the keyboard and working out the spelling, this short missive took quite some time to compose. Jude even attempting to lend a (not-so-) helping hand.

And the end result:

" Dear sam do you have STAR WARS 1 to 3? can we borowe it?
from sebastian."

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Poppa came to town…

…and got to play the Sebastian-invented Star Wars game! I think Sebastian may have been attemptng to manipulate the rules to his own advantage, but Poppa soon got into the swing of it.

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