Jude Retrospective: Part 1

In the tradition of last year, given that Jude starts school next week, it is now time to reflect on his life to date.


Jude was born on Wednesday 7 April 2004. He was due the day before, and my doctor was about to go away for 10 days. My back was killing me and I couldn't face the idea of having to wait at least a fortnight in case of non-arrival. So he was induced.

The labour was not as painful or as complicated as with Sebastian and I managed to get through on pethedeine and nitrous. I will admit though, I did cry in the morning when the midwife told me he was another posterior delivery. But, while not the most pleasant 14 hours of my life, it was fine and Jude was born an hour earlier than Sebastian from the same starting point, at 9.30pm.

With Sebastian, because of the cord around his neck, high pulse-rate minor drama, I had been left all alone in the delivery suite post birth, but not so with Jude. We even got to bed at a reasonable hour.

Jude wasn't a bad newborn, he slept and fed and cried a bit, but usually a feed would put him back to sleep. I was a little more anxious in hospital, mostly because Sebastian was finding it a little weird. At least when my mother came over, she was able to look after Sebastian for an afternoon so James could come and just hang with Jude and I for a few hours. There was a Six Feet Under marathon on pay TV, and we mostly just watched quietly, enjoying being together with our new arrival.

Not that Sebastian wasn't pleased to meet his new brother – he just didn't particuarly like the fact that we were at the hospital. He was more than happy to hold him and talk to him and completely prepared to be a big brother.

When Jude and I had the all clear from the doctor on the Sunday (and our Easter eggs with breakfast) we headed home, to begin being a family of four.

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