Brighton Beach (the Adelaide version)

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The boys love the beach. And living in Canberra, they don't often get to the beach. So, despite the fact it was not immensely hot, on our last morning in Adelaide we drove down to the beach.

The boys had all received new bathers from Father Christmas, so they got to try them out (of course, Zac had already modeled his on Christmas morning). We found buckets and spades left from a previous Adelaide visit, so took those with us.

At the beach, it was very windy. And cloudy. And more than a little cold. But this did not daunt the small ones (though their parents weren't thrilled). Fortunately, after a reasonably short time, the sun came out from behind the clouds and it warmed up a lot. Most of the people on the beach were walking past – walking themselves or their dogs and wearing rather more clothes than we were…

Jude and Sebastian built and decorated sand castles while Zac and I looked for shells and played in the shallows. Later I went into the water (which was comparatively warm – the effect of Adelaide being on a gulf) and Zac stood at the shore yelling "Come back Me-me! In trouble!" in his little cross voice. Nonetheless, he eventually agreed to come in with me.

James and the bigger boys also played some traditional beach cricket before we eventually decided we had had enough of a beach experience and headed home again.

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