Zac the artist

..whose canvas goes beyond mere paper

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Boy Olympics

Sebastian and Jude, inspired by the Olympics, decided to make medals and stage their own Olympics. The first round of events included discus, shot put and javelin, cycling (both long distance and sprint) and running sprints.

Boy olympics9Boy olympics18Boy olympics16Boy olympics20Boy olympics27Boy olympics32Boy olympics33Boy olympics19Boy olympics35Boy olympics37

Even Zac participated in some of the throwing and running events (we didn't let him near a stick throwing though) but preferred to have a swing while the bigger boys did their cycling.

As usual, the high point of the day was the medal ceremony – everyone got a medal for something!

Boy olympics42Boy olympics48Boy olympics46

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Can we wash it?

Caitlin’s party

Kaitlin's party 3
Kaitlin's party 4
Kaitlin's party 6
Kaitlin's party 7
Kaitlin's party 11
Kaitlin's party 12
Kaitlin's party 13

Jude must be the biggest social butterfly in the world – his season of parties continued this weekend…this time, it was Caitlin turning 5.

Featured birthday cake – a blue and pink butterfly.

Games – peg relay, pass the parcel, treasure hunt and pinata. The pinata started as a "pull-the-string" girly event, but that was soon given up as a bit tame, and wacking with a baseball bat ensued.

Other entertainments – the fabulous kitchen set, trampoline and swing set. Zachary thought the kitchen was fabulous and whiled away much time preparing meals…when he wasn't shovelling handfuls of cheese puffs and smarties into his mouth.

Overall assessment – very pleasant. The sun was shining, the kids were happy to play independently and the company was good – the group of parents of Jude's coterie are all quite pleasant and interesting individuals, and with a glass of wine, it is not so much of a hardship for the adult companion!

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Zoom zoom

Jude isn't so happy that Zac is sharing his ride…

…on second thoughts, maybe it is OK after all!

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Auntie Katie came to visit

…and gave Zac a late birthday present, and brought cake, and took small boys off to the park to play wit the frisbee, and bought them juice and chocolate frogs and stayed for lunch….

We love a visit from Auntie Katie!

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Love and children’s television characters

Zachary here is very happy because not only is he watching Maisy on the television, he is wearing a "BobCan" top.

Zac loves Bob and Maisy.

Zac has hit the age where fussiness about clothes sets in. Last week he wore his pyjamas under his clothes to childcare on at least two occasions as he refused to remove his "BobCan" pjs. On another occasion, where the poor bob pyjama top was completely filthy, he could only be enticed to remove it by putting on the Maisy t-shirt he has inherited from Jude…and then of course he refused to remove that for a couple of days. When I ran out of clean Bob and Maisy related clothing, he did manage to be eventually mollified by a Nemo t-shirt, but that was after many other items of clothing had been rejected. Zac does not get this stubborn about too many things, but Bob and Maisy are certainly tops at the moment. I was, therefore, thrilled to find the above Bob singlet at Big W this morning for the massive price of $2. I figure he can wear it for days…..

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