Bedtime rituals

Each of the boys has their own peculiar bedtimes rituals at present.

All three of them have stories before bed. Zachary demands that I read a pile of colourful books, Jude chooses an additional one and then while I take Zac off to bed, James reads The BFG to Sebastian and Jude.

Zachary has taken to making all his teddies "go night-night" before he gets into bed. This involves lying them all down – and he always puts them face down, so they sleep on their tummies, just like him – and then putting covers on them. this can be quite meticulous work and can take some time and requires much mother-patience. He then either sits under some of his covers, or wriggles under backwards while lying on his tummy and then generally looks at some Maisy books (he is currently obsessed with Maisy), often exclaiming loudly, for some time before going to sleep.

Jude still likes to insist on a drink – usually milk.

Sebastian has a weird cuddle ritual. When I give him his cuddles before putting on his covers, he has three different positions – one with his arms under my arms, and then alternating one arm above and below. What's the story with that? Then he insists on a "tickle cuddle."

At least bedtimes are relatively straight forward, once one copes with their proclivities. All three like to look at books in their beds, and seem to constantly sleep with books hidden in odd . Imagine what they'll be like when the can actually read properly!

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